Why I Don't Care About Sororities
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​Sorority Culture Has No Appeal To Me, And Here's Why

Glitter and smiles can't hide it all.


Disclaimer: this is a satirical take on how I have come to view sorority culture, and in no way am I judging or disapproving another person's choice of joining one.

It's been plastered on every social media outlet since the moment I arrived on campus. Several of my former female classmates, what you would consider the "party" crowd, have migrated towards the notable world of Greek life. It's a place filled with happy, go-lucky girls wearing matching big/little shirts, "throwing what they know", and crying tears of joy over the presence of their newfound sisters.

I've got one word for it all: bullshit.

From what I have observed over the last year, how sororities present their image appears as a total fraud. Girls, excuse me, clones gathered all under the same name, claiming they are surrounded by their "sisters" and "best friends for life."

I've got just one question. How is it possible to become immediate best friends with another human being not even a month or two after your first encounter, and claiming them as your sister? Damn, at least buy them dinner first.

That is possibly the biggest aspect of sorority life, having immediate friends upon arrival. You are expected to love each member as a sister, regardless of your opinions on them. It's gotten me to think, are your sorority sisters putting true value into your friendship with them? Or is it all out of standard procedure for newcomers?

You decide.

Social media doesn't make it all that easier. Dozens of videos and photos portraying the "incredible" lifestyle of the said Greek house doesn't convince me of anything. Social media reflects the highlights of one's life, not the "behind the scenes". While you may be showcasing the positivity and sparkle your sisterhood has to bring to the table, it's pretty clear it isn't all happy smiles, rainbows, and parties year round.

As I view it, sorority life is completely overrated. If it is someone's choice to go down that path, fine. I wouldn't dare do so for the greatest bribe in the world, but I can see why some people believe sorority is fit for them.

You are surrounded by several companions the same age as you, promising to mentor you throughout your days on campus. A huge relief, especially as a freshman.

While I could use the same guidance, I don't need it to come from a mass amount of older, significantly prettier females who could secretly hate me behind my back. There is definitely more to this lifestyle then their members are willing to portray, and someday, I'd like to see that side come to life.

Kudos if you have found a wonderful Greek life on campus, but for me? I'll stay right where I am.

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