If you have experienced greek life, you probably have a strong opinion on the subject. However, the truth is: everyone has different experiences and not all sororities or fraternities are the same. Disregarding the stereotyping and assumptions, there are some similarities across the board that girls in a sorority will most likely resonate with and know all too well.

1. Spending way too much money on letters and greek apparel websites

Your bank account may say otherwise...

2. The importance of big little (and the reveal)

She is absolutely telling the truth.

3. The stress of recruitment

It's all worth it.

4. Throwing what you know at the best and worst times

You always have to be ready for that photo, am I right?

5. Other people asking you why you call your friends your sisters

Yes, some people have thousands of sisters!

6. How exciting bid day is

More sisters!

7. Themed parties/get togethers

You never know what the theme may be! Tip: keep everything from Halloween.

8. The sorority squat

Do it for the gram.

9. Giant group chats

Honorable mention: Facebook events.

10. Knowing you have a home away from home

For anything and everything you may need.