One of the conversations I had with my roommate freshman year was that I joined a sorority, and she pretty much knew nothing about them. Her only perception of sororities was from the movie “House Bunny”. Now while "House Bunny" is funny and entertaining, it totally warps the actual meaning of sororities.

Sororities are definitely not the stereotypes that you hear or what society says they are. They are so much more than that. Until you go through recruitment and eventually find where you’re supposed to be, you don’t really find out how they can shape your life for the better. And that was the biggest lesson I learned from joining one. I had stereotypes of sororities coming from Texas. Those were all eliminated once I joined one, and saw the unity and sisterhood that my sorority was built around.

From the inside of a sorority out, we need to do a better job of representing our sororities. It all starts with the us, the chapter members, the recruiters. The stereotypes need to be eliminated. No freshman roommate needs to think that sororities are like "House Bunny" again. I want a potential new member going through recruitment anywhere to have an amazing experience. I want them to know that they can find their second home with sisters who care with nothing holding them back.

Sorority recruitment is about you. Finding your home, finding your sisters, and finding your place. Not about whatever people in society or movies tell you.