Dear Sophomore Year, Please Don't Kick My Ass
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Dear Sophomore Year, Please Don't Kick My Ass

My classes have gotten harder, and my will to succeed is starting to look a little iffy.

Dear Sophomore Year, Please Don't Kick My Ass

Dear sophomore year,

Please don't kick my ass.

I began my freshman year doe-eyed and optimistic - ready to anticipate everything and anything coming my way. By the end, freshman year had broken and beaten me down. It ripped me of that doe-eyed innocence. Now, my classes have gotten harder, and my will succeed is starting to look a little iffy.

Sometimes, the only reason I push through is not to disappoint my mom. No one was lying when they said that your freshman year of college feels like the best and worst time of your life. But does that apply to the other years of college? I've never really heard anyone say anything about sophomore year. Will I face the same struggles as freshman year? Or will I have learned from them and hopefully do better? Moving to and from home sure hasn't seemed to have gotten any easier - emotionally and physically.

What about my social life? Will I branch out and make new friends? Will I join a club? Will I hold a tight grip around my freshman clique? Partying seems like it's going to be easier because I don't have any morning classes. But because my classes are generally more challenging, parties and clubs will be few and far between. Will I have time for my friends at all?

I thought about getting a job this year because I had too much time on my hands before, but it feels like studying will start to take up a lot of that free time from now on. Looks like naps will be cut short this year. My advisors have suggested that I start studying for the placement exams for the program that I'm majoring in. I literally just started!

Living off-campus really has its benefits: more space and privacy, and more freedom to really do your own thing. But the commute can be such a struggle sometimes with the hectic Orlando traffic. And living on campus my first year gave me a lot of unique benefits like a sense of community, accessibility, and convenience.

It's only now that I am seeing all the things I took advantage of as a little freshman that could've helped me succeed with a little more ease. But that's okay, I know and I understand now. It won't be the same now that I'm in my second year, but I know better and that really puts me at ease. With the unique challenges that a second-year college student has to face, even though what those are specifically are still hush-hush, I'm looking forward to the surprises. I hope I'm wiser and more equipt to handle life's curve balls. Or feel the same aching pains I did almost 365 days ago. I hope this year isn't a total disappointment, or else I will be expecting a full refund and an apology letter.

Love, an apprehensive and slightly depressed sophomore college student

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