I do not know exactly what is going on with me right now but I do know that I can work through it. I have been sleeping a lot, not doing my work as much as I should. You know, the normal stuff that happens when the days start getting shorter. I know that I need to get it together but it is easier said than done. I have done it before though so I am not really worried about it.

I just need to get some motivation back. I always have enough motivation to get my school work done and do it well because I have too much anxiety to not do it well. All I did today was sleep and sometimes you need to do that but I probably did not. I need to continue to hang out with people and just leave the house in general. I would feel so much better if I just did not isolate myself. I do have really amazing friends that help me through that (although they won't buy me ice cream because all of us are SO broke).

I think I miss my friends a lot. I have not seen them since the summer which really sucks. We do text and snapchat daily but it is not the same. I also feel left out sometimes because they go to school back home so they get to see each other like way more than they see me because I live three hours away. I can not wait to see them over Thanksgiving break because I miss them so much. I am literally going to make them hang out with me almost constantly. This was supposed to be about how I am not at my best right not but I am going to get there. I will. I just need to get it together and deal with my stress in better ways because my answer should not always be sleeping and Youtube videos. I will get better and I will see my friends soon and I will soon be thriving again.