10 Songs For Your Summer Bag Playlist
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10 Songs For Your Summer Bag Playlist

What's better than getting in your bag? Getting in your bag while it's humid and you're covered in bug bites.


Sometimes when you're in a bad mood, the only logical course of action is to put on a depressing playlist so you can fully succumb to the sadness. This state (something my friends and I call "being in your bag") happens to everyone, but not everyone knows the best songs to get the waterworks going.

The best thing about music is that emotions and experiences transcend genre: whether you love country or mumble rap, classical piano or whatever Blueface claims to be, there's a song for you. Here are some of my favorites.

1. "11 Blocks" by Wrabel

This song's upbeat and catchy melody can be deceiving at first. About being unable to forget about someone no matter where you are or how much you thought you'd moved on, this song addresses post-breakup discomfort and the overwhelming desire to see someone again, even if you know it's best you don't.

2. "Marvin's Room" by Drake

Perhaps the most popular "bag song" of my generation, this song's slow beat and fuzzy, dazed vibe reach out to anyone who feels inadequate. Whether you're heartbroken that she's with someone else or you're angry that you feel lonely in a packed room, Drake gets you.

3. "All I Want" by Kodaline

If you miss someone, this song is sure to remind you of their absence for the rest of the night. The swooning vocalist conveys his heartbreak in the mere trembles and breaks of his voice - this, coupled with the simple yet universally relatable lyrics, makes for a dangerously effective bag song.

4. "Mockingbird" by Eminem

In seventh grade I thought I was edgy, so I downloaded a bunch of random Eminem songs onto my iPod for the bus ride to school. But this song is a lot more than a pre-teen identity crisis. Over a nursery rhyme-like beat, Eminem raps about how despite the many difficult sacrifices he made raising his daughter, she still suffered far more than she ever deserved to. He reminisces the mistakes he made throughout her childhood as he hopes she can still love and trust him despite all their family had been through.

5. "Old Money" by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has arguably one of the most beautiful voices of our time, and this song stands testament to her astounding vocal talent. She sings about how even if she has all the wealth and experiences in the world, it isn't enough without the person she loves. She feels unsatisfied with how she has drifted apart from someone she loved when she was young. This slow, nostalgic song shares how she could never fall out of love with this person she misses so dearly.

6. "The One That Got Away (Acoustic Version)" by Katy Perry

I know what you're thinking, but trust me. The acoustic version is a different beast than the preppy, colorful regular track. If you ever feel like you missed your chance or didn't fight hard enough for something or someone you wanted, this song is for you.

7. "A Drop In The Ocean" by Ron Pope

This classic bag song is about wanting so badly to end up with someone but knowing it could never happen. Whether you're wrestling with unrequited love, a toxic relationship, or simply feeling alone, this ballad is the auditory embodiment of heartbreak.

8. "Supermarket Flowers" by Ed Sheeran

We've always known and loved Ed Sheeran's amazing lyric-writing abilities, but he reaches a new level with this song. Written about the passing of his beloved grandparent, he sings about what a wonderful life they lived and how lucky he was to be part of it. He struggles to comfort his family members and compares his late relative to an angel. You can feel the genuine grief behind this song in both his strained voice and the chords played.

9. "I Need Some Sleep" by Eels

Who doesn't love a song from the Shrek soundtrack? This song discusses exhaustion, defeat, and loss. Most notably, its beat lulls you into a sad trance - perfect for climbing right into your bag.

10. "All Too Well" by Taylor Swift

If you went to middle school in the 2000s, you've probably cried to this song before. This song is about how much it hurts to remember even the good memories made with someone you aren't close to anymore. Plus, its high school vibe will pull you into nostalgia faster than you think.

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