The Best Songs From 'One Tree Hill'
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10 Songs From 'One Tree Hill' That Will Make You Want To Binge It All Over Again

"Untold" is the background music to a few serious relationship developments.

Clip from "One Tree Hill"

"One Tree Hill" is without a doubt my favorite television series. Throughout nine seasons they tackled important issues, gave us some of the most fantastic TV couples, and managed to put out two albums of songs featured in the show. Although the songs on these albums are amazing, some of the songs that were not featured also deserve our attention. One of the best parts of the show was how the producers managed to find amazing songs to fit the situations being portrayed on screen and after reading this article, I guarantee you'll be playing these songs on repeat.

1. "Hands Down" by Dashboard Confessional

"Hands Down" is featured in season 1, episode 1 and is playing after the basketball game. Peyton is driving home and gets distracted looking for a new CD and in the process nearly hits Lucas. This is Lucas and Peyton's first onscreen interaction but it is clear that something will develop between the two of them.

2. "Belief" by Gavin DeGraw

"Belief" is playing at the start of Lucas' second basketball game as a Raven. He's just told Peyton that, "Your art matters" and "It's what got me here." He then makes eye contact with his estranged father Dan and proceeds to turn around and reveal that he has removed the last name Scott from his uniform in an attempt to break free from Dan's influence.

3. "100 Years" by Five for Fighting

"100 Years" begins playing after the Ravens basketball team, and the cheerleaders return from the Classic Tournament. Brooke and Peyton seemed close to a reconciliation but when Brooke sees Lucas and Peyton talking she decides that she is not ready to forgive her. Peyton then proceeds to tell Brooke that she will prove to her that she is still her friend.

4. "Calling All Angels" by Train

"Calling All Angels" is featured in season 1, episode 7 and is playing after Dan and Deb's annual party. Lucas finally makes a move on Peyton and reveals that he wants a serious relationship with her. Although she likes Lucas, she isn't ready for a serious relationship yet, and she leaves shortly after. While watching this episode, I was convinced that Lucas and Peyton would finally end up together but of course, they didn't.

5. "Untold" by Pete Francis

"Untold" is the background music to a few serious relationship developments. First, Nathan and Haley begin officially dating then as Karen is about to leave for culinary school she kisses Keith. Which if you ask me, was long overdue.

6. "Unsatisfied" by Nine Black Alps

"Unsatisfied" is playing during a crucial basketball game for the Ravens. A loss would automatically eliminate them from the state tournament, and the Ravens are down by three in the games final seconds. Nathan is fouled shooting a three, and he makes the shot, so he needed a free throw to win it. Nathan looks to his left to see his old rival taunting him, and without turning his head back, he makes the shot without looking. The Ravens win the game, and everyone celebrates.

7. "The Mixed Tape" by Jack's Mannequin

"The Mixed Tape" is without a doubt my favorite song featured on the show, and after hearing it, I made it my ringtone. It is featured on One Tree Hill's second album, "Friends with Benefit." In season 3, Jacks Mannequin is performing at a benefit to support breast cancer research shortly after Peyton's biological mom passes away after battling the disease.

8. "Missing You" by Tyler Hilton

When a storm knocks out the power in Tree Hill, different characters are forced to stay indoors together, including Nathan and Haley. Haley says that she's not proud of her music tour because Nathan wasn't proud of her. Nathan responds by running out to his car and "Missing You" begins to play. Nathan takes out a box filled with photos and newspaper clippings of Haley on tour that he had saved to prove to her that he was always proud of her.

9. "Feeling a Moment" by Feeder

In the final episode of season 2, we see Dan's car dealership on fire and "Feeling a Moment" begins to play. Haley returns from her tour early to everyone's surprise and Peyton's birth mom Ellie finally reveals her identity to Peyton. This episode was extremely dramatic, and this song fits perfectly.

10. "Kill" by Jimmy Eat World

"Kill" is featured in season 2, episode 3 and is playing while a few characters go through some minor changes. Brooke finds out that her family has lost their money, Nathan gets a job at Dan's dealership, and Karen goes back to school. Towards the end of the song, Lucas arrives just as Dan is returning from the hospital after his heart attack. Dan had revealed to Lucas that he kept photos of him as he grew up and he tells him he can't change the past but he hopes he can change the future.

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