Hello dear readers, if you don't know me on a personal level you probably don't know that my music taste basically includes anything with words. So today I bring you a list of songs by artist you've probably heard of that you may have never heard, because will all know the song that gets played on the radio isn't always the best song on the album.

1.) "From Eden" by

Last year you couldn't go an hour without hearing "Take me to Church on the radio but Hozier actually has a lot of songs that are awesome on that album my personal favorite being "From Eden" though I recommend you check out the whole album.

2.) "She Used To Be Mine" by Sara Bareilles

So most of my generation can remember the song "Love Song" with is epic fuck-the-fuck-off attitude about how just because she was a woman she wasn't going to write a love song to make her producer happy. Sara has come out with a whole lot of music since including a love song to her past self in "She Used To Be Mine."

3.) "She Had The World" by Panic! At The Disco

Okay before I get into this one lets have a round of applause for Brendon Urie for being a whole band so we don't have to live without Panic! Thank you anyway basically anyone who has ever picked up Rock Band knows "Nine in The Afternoon," but not everyone got as deep in that pop punk life as I did and found the other weird music Panic! was bringing us back in the day. Also if you have the time check out their new stuff too.

4.) "Insomniacs Lullaby" by Ed Sheeran

Lets all talk about how 2006 this song is. It is so early 2000s it hurts, in a fun nostalgic way. I am pretty sure almost no one in the US knew who Ed Sheeran was in 2006 but after listening to this don't we all wish we had? (But seriously lets not go back to 2006 for more than a song or to because again it hurts my soul.)

5.) "Mary's Song" by Taylor Swift

In case you forgot Taylor Swift was once a Country artist I am back to remind you. Most of my favorite T-Swift comes from her country days and this is my favorite song by far. So if you haven't heard it then go listen its super cute.

6.) "Hello Hello" by Paramore

We all know "Ain't It Fun" from Paramore's newer album but have you guys heard their older stuff, this is one of my favorite Paramore songs and is always fun to have a flashback to the good old days when I shunned all music that wasn't classic rock or puck pop. It was a fun time in my life.

7.) "Rose Garden" by Nick Jonas & The Administration

We have all heard "Jealous" at this point (and really that boy needs a high five for that falsetto) but have you heard this song it has a fun modern blues sound that is very different from the other Nick Jonas stuff we have heard.

So that's my list of song you might not know by artists you do. Do you guys know any sounds you think no one else knows about?