Sometimes, A Girl Just Needs Her Mom
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Sometimes, A Girl Just Needs Her Mom

Although I may never get homesick, sometimes you realize you just wish your mom was present with you during the day.

Sometimes, A Girl Just Needs Her Mom
Clara Linhoff

My sophomore year at The University of Oklahoma has been one of the best years of my life. I have realized this year that college really is the best time in your life. I have never had so much fun, so much going on, so much freedom and room to explore who I am. Each morning I wake up and I fall in love with the University, Norman, and Oklahoma all over again. Each day I feel at home. I feel happy to be here. I don’t ever want to leave Norman, and the thought of going home in five weeks for three months of work and curfews is not something any college student (who is doing college right) looks forward to.

With all the fun, activities, and staying busy, I am often too exhausted to think about home. I talk on the phone to my parents many times each day (what else am I to do while making the long treks to class?) and I can honestly say I have never really been homesick.

But this weekend my mom is making the flight from California to Oklahoma to visit me for three whole days and I couldn’t be more excited. As I write this article, I realize that I haven’t seen my mother since winter break, and I won’t see her again until it’s time to leave Norman. I have realized that I really don’t see her very often, and as I get older, I will be seeing her less and less. I may not feel homesick and I may not think about it often, but it seems that even when I don’t realize it, my mom knows I need her. Oh, how I do.

Nothing significant has gone wrong in my life. Like I said, I am perfectly happy and in love with Norman, however, sometimes you just need to hangout with your mom. You need to take her out to your favorite restaurants, stores, and show her around your new home. You need to stay the night in her hotel room, be silly, and make memories. You need to be with her 24/7 because you know it will be forever until you see her again. She makes you smile, takes care of you while she’s around, takes you shopping, and just makes you feel so happy and comfortable. Your mom carries home in her heart when she comes to visit.

I think as we get older, our lives get busier, which makes it easier to move on to new places and people. However, we will always be our moms little girl. I will always have my childhood memories with her in each of them. I will always owe her for so much. Her unconditional love, her hard-work, her support. She is your first female role model. The first woman you feel comfortable talking to about grown up things. The one who has seen you at your worst and best. The one who gave birth to you.

My mom is my best friend.

Although I never get homesick, I am so excited to have her arrive. I may not realize it, but I do need her. I need her presence because looking at everything, through all the tests, parties, meetings, etc., I honestly have missed her a lot. I may not show it or realize it, but sometimes, a girl just needs her mom.

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