I Am Unashamed Of Being Close To My Mom
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I Am Unashamed Of Being Close To My Mom

She knows me best.

I Am Unashamed Of Being Close To My Mom
Ashley Leeds

As a college student, I have met some people who have little to nothing, or sometimes nothing at all, to do with their moms. Whether they permanently moved out of the house that they grew up in, or whether they simply fail to communicate with their mother while at school, or even when they are home, some people choose to not maintain much contact with their mommy.

As cliche as it sounds, I could not imagine my life without my mom.

However, I understand that some people have unusual circumstances and sometimes for various reasons lack a “mumsy." But I feel as if a mother is someone who is there since day one and who should be present in your life until her last days. I feel comfortable enough to consult with my mom about nearly anything. She gives rocking advice and acts as a wonderful support system. Since she has known me literally my whole life, she has a different perspective on me than anyone.

(And the same for all of the dads out there…shoutout to them, too.)

Some of my friends are shocked as to how close I am with my mom, but it feels natural to me. Some people may envy the tight-knit and special bond that I share with her, but I don't mind. I feel even more thankful to have a caring, loving, and nurturing mom. It makes me sad that some people are not fortunate enough to have such a figure in their life. I have built, and am continuously expanding, a connection with my matriarch, and we have put hard work into establishing trust and loyalty toward one another.

Like any friendship or romantic relationship, having a mother/daughter relationship requires respect for one another. We view each other as friends, but I also understand that I am still living under my mother's roof for the time being. She's a wonderful person, and she constantly helps me grow as an individual and learn new things about myself.

Being in college does not mean that I must stop telling my mom about my life. I do not have to share every minuscule detail unless I want to, but I can keep her updated about my well being and my social and academic life.

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Besides, what's the point of hiding information from mama dearest? Lying to mom is like convincing yourself that Ben & Jerry's is healthy. You sometimes wish that you could eat that whole pint of chocolate fudge brownie ice cream, but you know that you'll end up damaging yourself in the end. The same goes for moms. Your mom knows you so well, and if you attempt to prevent her from learning about your F on that finite mathematics test or that crazy night out, then she's bound to find out anyway.

Even as a college student and “adult," I do not always feel like a grownup, and having some discipline is definitely not harmful.

So yes, I am grateful and unashamed to be close to my mom.

For all of the mothers and maternal figures out there, thank you for what you do, and please know that your hard work does not go unnoticed.

This one's for you, mom!

Thank you for our cozy times at home watching TV on the couch.

Thank you for sitting and talking with me for hours.

Thank you for those manicure/pedicure dates.

Thank you for those mall days.

Thank you for being down to spontaneously watch a movie, and thank you for being you!

I love you.

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