Someone Will Be Worth The Wait

Someone Will Be Worth The Wait

Meanwhile, love yourself and enhance your life to make your future even greater. In time we will gravitate towards those we love. Someone will love your entire self, and so should you.

When you look in the mirror after a long night's rest, feeling as if you should be glowing from your preservation, but rather find a human face staring back at you- one with imperfections such as acne and bags under your eyes- please take the truth into consideration. The truth is, someone will love you, every imperfection included. How could someone ever get caught on a temporary breakout when you have the most beautiful eyes or the curliest locks?

When you step into the mist of a hot shower, and reveal your entire natural self, please take the truth into consideration. You are beautiful. Regardless of your skin color, hairstyle, weight, height, etc. Everyone has likes and dislikes about their own body, but all in all, we must take care of ourselves and love ourselves for who we are. So when you look down at your legs in the shower and notice a fresh bruise from walking into the end of your bed frame, instead of muttering "klutz...", laugh at your quirky self. Embrace your inner dork. One day you will find someone that will tease you for the ways you clumsily bump into obvious objects, but that person will also know what imperfections to not joke about. Someone will love the way your body curves and aligns. Someone will make sure you never go a day feeling undeserving of being called beautiful.

When you find yourself unable to find the perfect outfit to wear for the day, please take the truth into consideration. One day you will find someone that will view the clothes you wear as something that simply comforts you to the weather, or makes you feel more confident. Regardless if you feel as if a specific sweater fits you too tightly or has too many ruffles of loose fabric. Someone will love the way you find cozy warmth in your favorite robe. Someone will find beauty in the empowerment you feel when you put on your favorite little black dress.

When you give into the hunger, whether on time or in a rush, and go through the cupboards in search of something to eat, please take the truth into consideration. Treat yourself. Take your time. Sit yourself down to a nice breakfast and start the day off healthily. No counting the calories. No holding off until lunch. You will find someone that will find time to sit down to meals with you and make sure you have ate until you're full. You will find someone that will admire the ways you take care of yourself.

When you put on your funky jacket and boots, please take the truth into consideration. You will find someone that will adore the spunk and unique touches you put into yourself. Set your own trends. Who cares what others think about your thick heels or long coat? What you feel like you can rock, you can. Someone will admire the way you go about the day trying to be no one other than yourself.

When you get in the car on your way to school/work, please take the truth into consideration. You will find someone that will assure you to drive safely and set your phone aside. Put on your favorite music at a moderate volume, phone set aside, and eyes on the road. You have places to go and much yet to live. Your life and many others' are out on the roads. You will find someone that will ask if you got to your arrival safely and/or help you through rerouting your trip due to construction.

When you get to where you are going, in life that is, I hope that it is with the "someone" for you. You are deserving of love. You are deserving of care. You are deserving of so much more than you give yourself credit for.

So when your heart has found someone that makes life a lovely journey, supports you, encourages you, loves you, and takes care of you- don't let them go.

You are young. There is yet much time to allow things to work out. Be patient. What's meant to be will be.

Someone will be worth the wait. Meanwhile, love yourself and enhance your life to make your future even greater. In time we will gravitate towards those we love.

Someone will love your entire self and so should you.

Cover Image Credit: Acacia Brinley

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13 Gross Things Girls Do That Boys Don't Know About

From a girl, about girls.

There's always talk about how gross boys are all the time, it's now time to talk about how gross maybe even how much more disgusting girls can be. It may not even be disgusting, but just weird, but we are girls. What can we say?

1. Gorilla legs.

It's not that we don't want to...okay, that was a lie. Every girl can agree that they only shave during bathing suit season when you're wearing a dress, or when you're gonna get it on. Basically, If she shaves her legs you're special.

2. When did I last wash this bra again?

We wear the same exact bra, for days, and weeks, and who knows for how long.

3. It's not just the bra's, it's the pants too.

We wear jeans and leggings like twenty times before we think about washing them.

4. We don't wash our hair every day.

Because unwashed hair is the best styling hair. Also because looking good takes too much work.

5. We are always picking at our faces, especially pimples.

As soon as we walk by a mirror, its a must. Car mirrors are awesome to pop those suckers and pluck rampant eyebrow hairs. We pop pimples like its our job.

6. We will live in your clothes.

If you somehow let your significant other or friend wear your sweatshirt you're never getting it back... and she's never taking it off. Girls will wear that sh*t until your scent is gone because we love it.

7. We poop.

Believe it or not... it happens to us too. Women don't make it as much as a show as boys do. We hide it from you and will hold it until you're not around. And you've probably received a lot of selfies on the toilet.

8. The dreaded monthly gift.

Probably the most disgusting thing to ever happen to the human body. But everyone knows about menstruating, but most guys don't understand the other things that come along with it, like the cramps that bring period farts and the nasty bowel movements and blood clots.

9. Finding hair from our head in our butt cheeks.

Yeah, it's a thing. Your head hair crawls it's way down there occasionally.

10. We smell ourselves a lot.

We are super conscious about how we smell...especially down there.

11. We let it fly.

We will hold in our farts from you, but as soon as we are alone... that's a different story. You better hope we don't get too comfortable around you too quick.

12. Sometimes we have to improvise.

Sometimes mother nature likes to come when we aren't ready, or prepared with the supplies. There are numerous occasions where we start bleeding and have to create this bundle of toilet paper and just shove it down there.

13. Looking at our panties and trying to figure out what came out.

Sometimes you just don't know for sure.

Cover Image Credit: Buzz Feed Blue

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Taking A Mental Health Day During Finals Can Quite Literally Save Your Life

Stress and anxiety are no joke when finals come around.

As the semester slowly comes to a close, the rush of anxiety kicks its way into your life like it belongs there. Finals, projects, essays, presentations, and more begin to pile on top of you to the point of mental explosion.

But that’s when we need to tell ourselves, “it’s time for a mental break.” Having these breaks are very important because as college students, we are not only dealing with classes, but also our transition into adulthood. So it’s very easy to feel stressed or overwhelmed by everything.

Mental health days can be beneficial for your health and help reduce the stress. Here are ten ways to have a mental health day. I’m not saying that all ten will work, but maybe you can find a couple you like.

1. Breaks!

Whether it’s studying for that last exam or gathering information to put together a presentation, taking a break in between can really help with the stress. It’s hard for some people to get out of the zone once they start doing work but stress, whether you realize it or not, builds up because of the pressure or anxiety to complete the task. But if you take small breaks, at least for ten minutes in between working, it could stop stress from building up.

For some people, taking a break and then going back to their work can give them different perspective towards their work.

2. Meditation/breathing exercises

Some people might think it’s silly, but breathing slows down your heart rate, releasing anxiety and stress. Just a simple breath in and out a few times can help you continue your work without too much panic. Sitting down in a quiet place for a few minutes can give the same results and even remove some of the clutter in your head.

3. Working out

For those of you who love hitting the gym, working out can be a great outlet for your stress. While working out, you’re releasing different hormones in your brain that can relieve stress. Exercises like yoga and stretching can release muscle tension and even cleanse your mind from the anxiety.

4. Nap!

It’s simple. Turn off your laptop, set an alarm, turn off the light, and wrap yourself in your blankets, even snuggle with a plushie or stuffed animal, then proceed to dive into dreamland. Take a five-minute nap, or an hour, or whatever works for you. Nap until you’re no longer overwhelmed. I know some people find it hard because they feel like they’re not being productive, but you would be doing your body a HUGE favor. Similar to taking a small break, you’ll be able to go back to work with a fresh mind, and if you were stuck on something, you will have a new perspective on it.

5. Creating art

If you’re an artsy person, creating art can be a great distraction. Even simple doodles with a pen and paper are all you need. Pull out your brushes and paints; it doesn’t have to be something extreme, just let the creativity flow. You can explore a new medium; anything that can take your mind off your work for a couple of minutes.

6. Eat, drink and be merry

Being so immersed in your work, it’s sometimes easy to forget or be so focused on your studies that you realize that you haven’t eaten all day. So maybe keep a snack, like a granola bar or fruit cup, nearby to prevent the lack of nutrients for the day. Drinking water is also important because keeping hydrated keeps you from passing out from exhaustion.

7. Watch TV or videos

Find your favorite show or series, whether it’s cartoons, anime, or a superhero movie, and just watch a few episodes. Some people are able to multitask by watching something and working on assignments at the same time, but some people find it a distraction. Either way, you’ll start to realize that you’re less stressed out from laughing at a funny scene.

8. Showers

This can go hand in hand with taking a break because some people find relief in taking showers. It’s another way of stepping away from your work and then coming back to it with a clean mind and body.

9. Listen to music

Listening to music is the most common way for college students to do work. It can also be a stress reliever. Soft classical or jazz music is some students' weapon of choice. Then you have others who prefer to listen to beats they can dance to like a Kendrick Lamar or Cardi B song.

10. Change of environment

A change of environment can change your mood and sometimes relax your anxiety. Depending on how you like to study, a quiet place or a place with multiple people might work for you. But for a mental health day, it might help to change in scenery beside the walls of your dorm room or the crowded library. If it’s a nice day, maybe take a small walk and have some fresh air flow through your lungs. Or if you’re a people person, call up some friends to go eat and even hang out for a while because they will definitely need a break from their studying too.
Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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