Some Cool Albums You Might Enjoy
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Some Cool Albums You Might Enjoy

Random Records from All Corners

Some Cool Albums You Might Enjoy

In honor of my love for music (which spotify said I spent 56 days listening to last year - yikes), I figured I would throw out a few of the albums I have been listening to in the last month or so. Hopefully, there is something for everyone. If you want it, come to me! I'll do my best to link stuff but I'm happy to supply any info you need on some of these rad tunes. If you can, throw a few bucks the artist's way, they deserve it for the art they are making! Enjoy, and prepare to get angsty, elated, psychedelic and energetic.

Also, I didn't call these "essential", "important", or "must-listens" because there are thousands of albums that people call must listens. I just think these are cool.

The Things We Do to Find People Who Feel Like Us - Beach Slang

This album is fucking fantastic. It is unabashedly for the lovestruck, the optimistic, the wild. Frontman James Snyder puts it all out there for the world to see, with huge ripping guitar accompanied by hoarse vocals where you can feel the strain of life and living in every note. The album is short but packed full of great tracks, my favorites being Noisey Heaven, Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas and Young & Alive. The only comparison I could think of (as many others have said) is the Replacements.

Naysayers will call it cheesy, corny, 90's replica punk. Let them - Snyder and his audience does not care. We are too busy listening. So "go barely care with all your might, Go scare your skull. Bring it to life".

Buried Men - Zanders

This is some hometown love. Zanders is a three person group from Connecticut, and their music is not for the faint of heart, despite its beauty. It is emotional and complex, with lyrics centering around love, death, loss and memory. They do it all behind the stunning vocals of lead singer Alex Saraceno, whose vocal range is as wide as the themes of the music. Accompanying Saraceno is great drumming by CT Indie staple Jason Rule and fantastic, often haunting piano by Kevin O'Donnell. Most certainly worth a listen if only for the sheer emotion it will evoke.

Lice EP - Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman

Okay big change here. This is lyrical excellence, great fun to listen to and will leave you in awe of how well these two flow together. The beats are paired down but excellent. I had the privilege of seeing both live in Burlington,VT about a year ago and I will say if you have the chance to see them live (along with Rob Sonic) please do it. Pay attention to this one, or you'll be lost in double entendres and find yourself unable to keep up.

Europe '72 Set I-IV: The Complete Recordings. 5.11.72 - Grote Zaal De Doelen - Rotterdam Holland - Grateful Dead

Lets go way back. I listen to this Dead recording because of a few things, but lets start with the Dead themselves. For those that don't know,Jerry Garcia led the greatest show on earth, a genre-bending form of rock that the world will never see again. Their studio albums were good but their live recordings are what made them so incredible. This recording is the Dead at their peak - my favorite Dark Star recording, a patience testing but totally worth it 46 minutes. Jerry is at his vocal peak and Pigpen is still on piano. The sound quality is impeccable. Reach out to me for a copy or find it online - all of their live material is available!

Live at the Roseland Ballroom - Gov't Mule

If you are not a Jam-Band fan I would move on now - this one isn't for you. My uncle showed me Government Mule, led by Warren Haynes of Allman Brothers fame and one of our great living guitarists. This is their first live recording from 1995, and certainly worth a revisit. Haynes shreds the guitar, going solo for long stretches. It is a work of art. Also, drummer Matt Abts is wonderful. This is one of the first jam band type albums I heard and I've been in love ever since.

Soup For My Girlfriend - The Original Crooks and Nannies

This is a tough album to describe. Its where I realize I am not, by any means, a music critic. To me it is indie pop, but I would have to leave up to Madeline and Sam to make that call. Whatever it is, it's a great record that makes awesome use of a drum machine, killer vocal range and lyrics that just feel right, such as the chorus on Animals that reads "Worn long johns and a tee-shirt for six fucking days. I'm bored, I'll count all the boards in the floor. It's boring as hell, you should be here".

Queen Moo - Queen Moo

This came out last year but remains an absolute staple in my rotation, it is one of my favorite albums. Sort of Modest Mousey rock, these guys make great indie music with lyrics that are at once funny and also hit home, making you think (maybe a little too much). Another band from CT, Queen Moo is really just excellent, fun, passionate music. I know my words can't do it justice but I encourage you all to give it a listen.

Note: Okay so maybe not something for everyone but I hope you'll check some stuff out and give it all a try! Much love.

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