11 Dates Totally Acceptable To Go On Alone, For Valentines Or Any Day

Just because you're single on Valentine's day doesn't mean you can't have fun. Here are 11 date ideas that you can fly solo or bring a buddy.


Who doesn't love a good movie? Going alone to the movies is great, it's not like you'd be talking to someone the entire time, so why not go alone? "What Men Want" with Taraji Henson will be out in time for Valentines Day, so I definitely recommend it for a solo date, I'll be there!


For some people, the answer is always coffee. Find a local coffee shop, take a book, buy a coffee and relax. Give yourself a little bit of time to not think about your homework.

Walk on the Beach

In Bellingham, walking along Boulevard Park is a great way to give yourself time to meditate, if you take a friend along, this would be a great time to put your phone away and enjoy each others company.

Mini Hike

I recommend a buddy for this one, or at least let your friends know where you're going and what time they should expect you to be back. Bellingham has so many hiking trails, one great one is North Chuckanut Mountain Trailhead.


Cook yourself a bomb gourmet dinner, snuggle up on the couch and watch something from Redbox or Netflix and chill. I always feel great when I make myself a nice meal, and even better when I can enjoy a movie I haven't seen. This is a great idea especially if you don't want to pay to go to the movies.

Thrift Shopping

Go thrift shopping. You can buy yourself a new outfit, or new shoes for cheaper than average retail prices, and most importantly TREAT YO'SELF.


Go out and get some froyo or mochi. Something you would normally tell yourself no to having. If you haven't tried Mochi and live in Bellingham, Fred Meyer and Whole Foods have it. You're welcome.

Take a Bath

Light a candle, use some bubbles, and turn on Netflix or read a good book. Enough said.

Photo Shoot

Do something different with your hair, maybe put on a little makeup (or not), and feel confident. Take some selfies and have fun with it. This is great to do with friends too, my friends are obsessed and everywhere we go turns into a photo shoot. Don't knock it till you try it.

Visit a Museum

Museums are usually pretty cheap to go to. If you like history but can't get your friends to go with you, take yourself. Going by yourself you can stay at an exhibit for as long as you want, and look at everything you want instead of trying to rush through for your friends.

Go to the Zoo

Not every city has a zoo, but make a day trip to Seattle and check out Woodland Park. This is also fun to go alone because you can go look at the animals you actually want to see, and can feel like a kid for a day.

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