I was fortunate enough to attend the New England Pro Chapter of Society of Professional Journalists' recent event on November 17th at Northeastern University. The event was brought to my attention by my Writing Seminar Professor as a means to make connections with journalists who are already established in the field that I hope to some day be a part of. My friend Carly and I were invited to attend the event by our Professor since we are both interested in the field of Communications.

The event was located in one of Northeastern's lecture classrooms. The panel included Chris Cassidy, Boston Herald's Chief Presidential Campaign Reporter; Paul Steinhauser, NH1's Political Director and Anchor; Lauren Dezenski, POLITICO Massachusetts Reporter; Bill Marcus, FOX News Radio New England Reporter; Meg Heckman, a lecturer at the University of New Hampshire. I was impressed by the members on the Panel who were to discuss election coverage. Jordan Frias, Editorial Assistant at the Boston Herald was the moderator for the event. He asked questions that got the panelists involved in the discussion then opened the floor to the audience to ask questions.

This event had the panelists discuss their process of becoming a journalist, the election, the results of the election, social media, and advice for potential journalists. These journalists covered the election of 2016 as well as previous elections. The election of 2016 is a touchy subject to most and these journalists witnessed the election first hand. This election unfolded right before their eyes and all stated that it was an election that they would not forget. The results were surprising to most Americans and even to these reporters who covered the election every day.

I found their insight helpful. I am currently studying Communications and Pre-Law with a minor in writing at Regis College. There are times I want to be more involved in writing opposed to being a lawyer. Then there are times I want to be a lawyer more than a writer. I think I just want to do both. Journalism is going to a part of my profession regardless if I become a lawyer or not. Writing is my passion and I enjoyed sharing my work with the world. I enjoy giving presentations and showcasing information to individuals as well.

I asked the panelists "I am obsessed with the subject of Communications. There are various paths of professions that I can be a part of, I just need to figure out if I want to write or be a news reporter on television or the radio. How did you know what to do?" The panelists told me try everything and take on as much as I can. Most importantly I was told to write, write, and write some more. I am unsure of which media form I would like to be a part of, but this event really helped me think more about my potential career path in more depth.