8 Steps To Enhance Your Social Media And Become More Popular
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8 Steps To Enhance Your Social Media And Become More Popular

Statistics show that using cheesy puns increases the likes-follower ratio of your posts.

8 Steps To Enhance Your Social Media And Become More Popular
Josh Rose

Hey, Kaehla, Odyssey creator, here. Have you ever wanted to quadruple your following on social media? With these easy steps you will be a social media superstar in no time. Everyone will see how successful and fun your life is and want to be your friend.

1. Create a brand for yourself.

Maybe you're a foodie. Maybe you're a traveler. You want to pick your niche activity/lifestyle and show everyone how much fun your life is. Whoa. You're a traveling foodie? Mind blown.

2. Write clever, witty captions.

Statistics show that using cheesy puns increases the likes-follower ratio of your posts. If you find yourself thinking, "wow that was a lame caption, no one will like this" you should probably use it.

3. Use trending hashtags.

#hashtags are the key to driving traffic to your page. Make sure you add a few to 100 hashtags that are trending for good luck on your posts. #winning #sundayfunday #instadogs

4. Tag people.

@ them, bro. Tagging people is another essential piece to driving traffic to your page. How else is Kylie Jenner going to know you use all 20 shades of her lipstick at once? Or how will Peyton Manning know you ate Papa John's before passing out from a food coma and dreaming about throwing the winning touchdown at the Super Bowl.

5. Keep posting consistently.

You have to keep a consistent schedule with your posts for the internet to decide to feature you on other people's news feeds. Maybe try posting on the hour, every hour for people to say, "Wow, this person means BUSINESS."

6. Follow a bunch of people, and then unfollow them when they follow you back.

The great thing about trying to get followers is that other people want followers too. So follow a bunch of others that are active online and they don't have to know you're going to unfollow them immediately after they follow you back. If you feel bad unfollowing, just think about your followers-following ratio. You have to keep the perfect ratio.

7. Buy your followers.

What IS the perfect ratio, you ask? when you have thousands of followers but you only follow a few hundred. A simple way to attain this is to buy followers. They'll always stay faithful to you because you spent money on them! Think of it like being in a cyber-sorority or cyber-fraternity.

8. Tell everyone to follow you every chance you get.

Signing your check at a restaurant? Put your handles under your signature. Everyone must know you spend an adequate amount of time promoting yourself on the internet.

For example,

Instagram: @kaehlamaurer

Twitter: @kaehlamaurer

Facebook: @kaehlamaurer

LinkedIn: Kaehla Maurer

Pinterest: @kaehlamaurer

SoundCloud: @kaehla1

Myspace: [This link has been removed]

Do these steps and you'll be getting more followers than you'll know what to do. Your fans followers will want to be you and live your incredible life. You'll be the most popular person in your group for sure.

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