You wake up before class and before you get out of bed you are sure to Snapchat your friends back to keep "the streak", check to see if that friend posted on Instagram of her annoying boyfriend, or check to see if there is a new meme or trend on Twitter. Within the first hour of being awake, most people check their phones. Is this bad or good? Or does it even matter?

During my freshman year in college, I experienced many ups and downs, one of the downs was the jealous feelings I had toward my close friends who were making new friendships. I started to see my friends post on their social media pictures of their new friends hanging out, or all of them doing fun activities or even just doing homework together.

Seeing these things made me more jealous and I couldn't figure out how to stop the jealous feelings or how to just ignore the posts that hurt me. I found myself even checking my Snapchat to see if my closest friends were having fun without me. So during finals, I decided I would delete my social media until school started up again.

That way I could spend the summer focused on myself, growing, and finding myself, rather than getting caught up in friend drama.

Now there is an exception, I do still have my Facebook that way I can post my writing and occasionally share cute videos of dogs or babies, but that's about it. So far I have been without social media for about a week. I have prepared myself by having different things I can do rather than sit on my phone and get jealous or get stinging eyes by staring at a screen all day.

One of the things I started doing is reading more, I know it sounds stupid, but if you get a book you enjoy, you will more likely actually read it. At the moment I am reading a Nicholas Sparks book that I found at a thrift store (thrift book shopping is a lot of fun try it out), and I have three other books lined up after I finish this one. Not only are you enjoying a good book, but if you go to a coffee shop or park to read, you will look like a real intellect, not some glazed-eyed zombie staring into the abyss of a phone.

Another thing I plan on starting is to journal, not like the "dear diary…" kind, but just a "hey Lori, life is kinda sucky". My example of "life being sucky" reminds me of "Finstas" or "fake Instagrams" for those who aren't familiar with the new lingo. My friends and I normally post rants or just post our feelings onto our "Finstas" which is a perfectly modern way to get your feelings out.

But I want to take it back to the old ways, that way I can really reflect on my feelings, find the source of my hurt, and find ways to solve that problem. Whereas a "Finsta" would allow you to post your feelings but not take care of them, just have jumbled up until you reach a boiling point and have a mental breakdown (I know you have done it, don't lie).

You may have certain hobbies that you enjoy, for instance, I enjoy painting and playing the guitar, even if I'm not that good, but I've been practicing it in the last few weeks and plan to continue to do so. Another good way to entertain yourself is learning a new hobby or skill, this summer I plan on learning yoga and maybe improving my Spanish and sign language.

Phones are still awesome, don't get me wrong, but I am glad to be taking a break and continuing onto this self-discovering journey.

Even if you know who you are, it is beneficial to take a step back and realize how amazing the world is from your own eyes rather from behind a camera.