Social Media: The Modern Day 7 Deadly Sins

Social Media: The Modern Day 7 Deadly Sins

Yes, social media has brought so much positivity to our daily lives, but what we cease to acknowledge is that while we let in the good, we are also letting in the bad.


Social media is a relatively new entity. It seems to be evolving rapidly, almost monthly. For young people, like myself, it is likely the central focus of our lives. We focus so much on how others perceive us due to how social media platforms manipulate our developing minds. We need to please, impress, outdo. We have the mindset that we have to make ourselves stand out from the rest of the digital crowd. It's like a digital syringe that we can't help but keep injecting ourselves with. And, unfortunately, studies have shown that social media can lead many of its users to develop an "addiction" of sorts, compared to the likes of that of heroin.

So where do the Seven Deadly Sins part of this article come into play? Well, for those of you who aren't familiar, the Seven Deadly Sins is a Biblical teaching regarding how humanity can succumb to deterioration if we indulge in unhealthy "sins." These are pride, greed, lust, sloth, envy, gluttony, and wrath. These "sins" are often thought to be abuses or excessive versions of one's natural faculties or passions. Religious or not, this cautionary tale does raise a good point, particularly for today's times.

If you think about it, every single one of these "sins" is exhibited through our excessive use of social media. Allow me to explain:


We see pride all over social media. People usually don' t post unless they have something to brag about. Got a new car? Post it to Instagram. Got paid? Flash what you bought in your Snapchat. At the gym? Post a workout selfie. People use these digital platforms to often gloat about themselves, for why show anything else? It seems to be an endless competition of whose life is more glamorous, more interesting, more unique, etc.


Greed is exhibited quite often through our behaviors via social media. We want all the likes, the followers, the comments, the attention. We crave those notifications that someone has liked our Instagram photo like one would crave a drug. And when we don't have "enough" likes/followers/attention? We just keep posting, editing, or commenting until we get what we want. Horrifying when you think about it, isn't it?


Pretty obvious with this one. With filters and editing tools, people can make themselves look close to perfection online. Because of this, a guy/girl scrolling through Instagram, for instance, has the ability to like, screenshot, and even directly message dozens of people they find attractive. This poses an issue particularly for those in relationships. Many worry that their partner will cheat on them if they notice that he or she consistently likes the same person's pictures or only follows the stereotypical "hot" people. This primal emotion-lust can be detrimental to ever forming a meaningful relationship. Take it from apps like Tinder and Bumble, where people can scroll through thousands of "available" others, again getting that hit of dopamine whenever they get a match. "Why stop?" many think, "when I can just keep getting endless attention from endless attractive people?"


Sloth, or in other words, laziness, is for sure a factor exhibited by our overuse of social media. This applies to those who are "too lazy" to actually go and live the lives they exhibit online. Instead of working hard for the sake of working hard, these users will fake it as they likely don't have the patience to actually try. For instance, I'm sure we've all taken snapchats of our laptops at cafes next to our coffees, with a caption "study time" or whatever, but how much time do we actually spend studying instead of choosing the right filter/edit for that photo of our set-up? Or how about those workout posts? How many people do you think literally will dress in gym clothes just to get that perfect post-workout glam look without even breaking a sweat? Another way sloth is a factor of social media is how we now communicate with each other. We send short, quick texts or even an emoji to a friend, rather than calling them up or sending them a detailed, heartfelt message. We have become too lazy to wait, as we have been conditioned by the quick-pace of social media to expect everything immediately, and life just doesn't work that way.


Envy may be the most prevalent on social media out of all of these. I can almost guarantee that everyone with a social media account has felt envious of those they follow at some point. You see couples posting cute pictures, for instance, and feel jealous because you're single. You see someone's selfie and wish you could have their "flawless face," you see someone post about getting their dream job and feel pangs of envy course through your veins because you're still working that menial job you've had for years. You read an article about how a classmate got a full ride to an Ivy League college, the list can go on. The danger of envy impacts oneself more than it impacts those around them. Being jealous of someone won't hurt anyone but you. Unfortunately, social media bombards us with reasons to feel envious practically everytime we log on.


Gluttony is somewhat related to greed. It basically means you are ingesting more than you need. In terms of social media, we all certainly fall under the category of gluttons, as we are "ingesting" more screen time than we should be. We never feel "full," always craving more: more likes, more comments, more approval. It is an addiction many of us can never satiate. Unfortunately, unlike food, social media is never ceasing. There is no feeling of satisfaction and you never really know when enough of it is enough.


Wrath, or extreme anger, is most certainly prevalent on social media. For instance, this applies mostly to those who seem to spin out of control over people's shared opinions online, primarily when discussing politics or beliefs. I for the life of me can't even begin to count the number of times I've dealt with wrathful people via political posts all because they disagreed with me. Like, if you're really going to get so upset over one's opinion to the point that you word-vomit your hatred all over their post, you need to check yourself. And it's not even politics, it's opinions in general. Literally, anything can set people off these days. Internet wrath is real, and it's booming.

To think that the Seven Deadly Sins was originally meant as a tale of warning, now it's our reality. We are feeling the effects of these "sins" every day when we log into our social media accounts. These qualities are in no way religious, but human. Rather, the dark side of humanity. We could be using our spare time to do so much good, but instead, we spend it fueling these qualities that are doing nothing for us, all while worshipping the 21st century God that is social media.

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Cover Image Credit: Julia Waterbury

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Trouble In The Gaming Industry

The way consumers interact with games has changed dramatically over the years.


Video games have officially become a part of popular culture. Whether one points to the viral sensation of Fortnite, or the success of various consoles and mobile games, it is clear that gaming has become a part of our everyday culture. Video games have been around for quite some time now and always enjoyed some level of popularity among the youth. However, today's levels of gaming have reached unprecedented levels. Approximately 64% of American households hold someone that plays video games once a day. Furthermore, Fortnite boasts a registered playerbase of over 200 million players, and continues to climb everyday.

As the industry grows larger however, it is beginning to shift and change from what it once dealt in. I grew up with classics ranging from Mario Kart to the Jedi Knight Series. Many of the games I used to play were created with an unprecedented level of soul and creativity. The industry grew to treat games like an art for a while. That has begun to change in recent years as major companies like EA have turned into massive money-making machines. First of all, many of the games I grew up with were not lacking in content. I could have played Star Wars Battlefront I and II (the original early 2000s versions) for hours on end, and there was NO DLC. Today, it is rare that you see a AAA game release that does not include a season pass or DLC. Why relase a game and force the customer to pay extra when there is more to be added on? Second of all, loot crates and other forms of in-game gambling plague the market. Of course, EA, Activision, and other major companies have been a part of this disturbing trend. It has caught enough media attention now that some governments are even considering regulating video game loot crates.

However, the most disturbing trend of all is mobile gaming. Mobile gaming has sucked in the young rich children of America. These are cheap, simple, and uninspired games meant to rake in money. Essentially, these games will benefit from in-app purchases through what they call "whales." These "whales" are typically young, rich, gamers who have the money to make large purchases. These customers provide the bulk of the influx of money leaving other gamers with little to no content to enjoy, or the inability to play against pay-to-win gamers. This is causing greater harm to the industry as a whole because it is making companies lazy. Rather than spend millions on a AAA game, companies are making apps that bait the customers into buying in-game currencies or extra lives. The days where games had soul and inspiration are dying out. A clear example of this was the Battlefront I and II reboot by EA which was boring and copied major shooters which had already been made.

Unfortunately, it would appear as though the gaming industry has turned into something dreadful. My hope is that enough people will grow bored with these dull cookie-cutter games that keep on coming out, but the unfortunate truth is that they're made to rake in the big-bucks no matter how boring.

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