Why You Need A Break From Social Media
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Why You Need A Break From Social Media

Sometimes social media feels like a constant reminder that there are people who are just better than me in any aspect.

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Has anyone noticed that we're so dedicated to our phones that we can't begin our day without checking our social media? What if you woke up this morning and the first thing you saw was the devil? Turns out your cell phone is actually just a devil in disguise and you wake up to it every morning.

It's fascinating how an app can connect you to people, businesses, organizations, and much more all over the globe. At one glance of a photo, one could come across a life-changing business opportunity. Social media is a huge platform for promotions, and this has become so powerful that it is a career for some to post on social media daily. Social media can be the spark they need to start or grow their career, now what about the other billions of users who don't get this perk?

People look up to these influencers, follow, and support them. We watch their stats rise, their lives get more luxurious, and wonder... When is this lifestyle going to be presented to me? Then as a human being does, we start to compare ourselves to these influencers who seem to be living their best life and making money while doing so. This ultimately leads to the destruction of self-confidence, which furthers already burrowed insecurities. We begin to question ourselves because if you're aware enough you'll learn that social media is surrounded around appearance, materialism, and numbers. This is exactly why your phone is the devil and social media is the devil's accomplice.

Most influencers are chosen using our society's standards of beauty. They ultimately lead their community of followers and subscribers to believing that they must follow these standards in order to be beautiful. This leads young women, mostly, to change their idea of what beauty is, ultimately comparing themselves to those who are praised for their beauty. Guess who is also to blame - the companies that these influencers work for because now their audience believes they need the materialistic items presented by these influencers. Now, we are buying clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup, hair, and skin products to feel more like these people. While doing this, we forget that money is also the root of all evil, which is a topic for another day.

Social media does not praise people for being an individual, it praises people who abide by society's favorite type of individual.

I've struggled with social media for a very long time and have deleted all of my social media multiple times. Sometimes social media feels like a constant reminder that there are people who are just better than me in any aspect whether it is physical appearance, talent, success, or 100 other reasons. Instead of using other people's lives as inspiration or motivation, I used it to belittle myself. Luckily, I am more mentally stable than when I was in high school and don't have to randomly delete apps off of my phone to find peace of mind. We're human, so it's very hard not to compare ourselves to the billions of other human beings there are on social media.

If you're on social media to boost your self-esteem, you've already chosen the wrong way to handle your lack of self-confidence. Likes, follows, retweets, and favorites are not going to help change the mentality that you have about yourself. Do not let a device control your mental health - if you need to delete Instagram, delete Facebook, delete Snapchat, delete whatever you need to. In reality, social media is not making our society any better, it's just a pool for people who don't know how to communicate with others in real life. It's a place for people to share opinions that shouldn't be heard, and a way for people to belittle others by posting hateful comments and jokes.

If you are not using social media to motivate others or just simply document your life, please do us all a favor and delete your account.

If you feel like social media is putting a negative energy into your life, delete it.

If you feel like social media is causing you to compare yourself to others, delete it.

If you feel like you need to delete a picture off of your Instagram because you didn't get enough likes, delete it.

Sometimes the delete button will set you free. Do not let an app control your life; every human is created differently and there's no way all of us will be able to live up to society's standards. What we fail to realize is that people control their social media, and that means that every flaw, imperfection, and inconvenience in their lives can be hidden. You are most likely only seeing the best parts of this person you're following. So, don't compare yourself to a picture that's been cropped, brightened, saturated, and contrasted. All that is left to be said is that you cannot edit your actual life on your phone.

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