11 Reasons I'll Be Crying On Move-In Day

Leaving Home

It's the one place I know better than I know myself. It has my favorite spot to sit at the dinner table and my coziest blankets that have been broken in over many years.

My Parents

Yeah, they get on my nerves like no other, but, at the end of the day, they're my best friends. I see myself in them. I go to them during stressful times or when I, simply, need a laugh. We've been at war since the day I was born, but it's not a war I ever want to end.

My Sister

LOL SIKE! Unfortunately, that older nuisance of mine will be walking around the same campus as me every day. At least we're distanced due to her apartment.

In all seriousness. I'm definitely going to cry and it WILL be my sister's fault. She's the closest thing I have to my mom and dad at JMU...she should've thought that through when encouraging me to apply. I'm gonna be a mess all over her doorstep.

My Dog


The love of my life. My baby girl. Josephine Marie Brown.

You're barely one year old and mommy is leaving you all alone with the grandparents. The guilt in my heart is excruciating. Josie is the best little bundle of joy I could ever ask for and has never done me wrong. The true straw to my berry. *cue 2010 relationship videos on YouTube*

I don't have words to express the thought of us being apart and what may be going through her head while I'm gone. I just hope she remembers me when I get back.

My Boyfriend

Never thought I'd have one and, now that I do, I can't imagine not being able to touch his arm or hear his voice in person for weeks on end. He truly came out of nowhere and became a better comfort zone than my pile of stuffed animals could ever be. Feeling like you don't belong for seventeen years and then being hit in the face with someone that loves you, every part of you, unconditionally...how am I supposed to walk away from that? Not having him near scares me more than anything. I don't want to go back to being alone, misunderstood, judged, and stereotyped, again.

College has been my goal since before I can remember. How in the world can this guy swoop in and have me ready to put it all on hold for another five minutes with him, on the couch, watching a movie?

To every girl that ever told me it was good that I hadn't ever been in a relationship and that "boys suck," you're absolutely right. Boys suck. My boy sucks. He tears my stomach into knots and fills me with more emotions than the English dictionary can define, which is why I'll be spending a great amount of time crying on my bed while waiting for him to answer my call. Boys suck. This amazing pain wouldn't exist without them, but, then again, I don't know what I would do without this boy. Boys suck, but mine doesn't.

My Birthday

For the first time in the history of my existence, I will be in class on my birthday. On August 30th I'll be 18 years old and I have Sociology and Spanish from 2-4 p.m. The big one eight and my family will be three hours away. I've never been a girl to have a super fuss over her birthday with giant balloons and everyone you pass screaming your name, but it's weird to think about. Should I buy a pin?

My Grandparents

Technically, the ones responsible for my existence. They've always accepted me no matter what. A Grandmother's love cannot be replicated and a Grandfather's laughter is a special kind of medicine.


Depending on where you're from, you may have no idea what a Wawa is. To those of you that don't, I'm so sorry.

There is not one Wawa in Harrisonburg and, honestly, I don't understand why the FBI hasn't been involved yet. Wawa is more than a gas station and SHOULD NEVER be compared to Sheetz. Wawa is an experience. Those that know, know EXACTLY what I'm saying. Definitely my first stop on my trips back home. A true tragedy.

Common Sense

Let's cut to the chase: I have none. What am I supposed to do when I lose the pen I'm holding in my right hand in the middle of writing notes. My mom's magic eye won't be there to spot it and my cousins won't be there to shove the pen in my face when I realize I never lost it in the first place. While there is no way of knowing what will happen to me on campus, trust me, my common sense will cause tears.

My Bed

Yes, I'll have a bed at JMU, but it's not the same feeling as MY bed. The discomfort brought on by a twin XL mattress alone will have me wanting to lay with my mom and dad like I'm five years old with a quickness.

P.S. Breaking in a new bed is a lot of work...I'll pas — oh wait, I can't.


I've had to start doing that, lately, and I'm not a fan. It only gets worse from here. Please keep 911 on speed dial, for I may cause a fire while trying to read a map. How? I don't know. Adulting does things like that to a person.

I move-in in T-minus — that's not important. Just know it's soon. VERY SOON. Staring my college years at James Madison is a big change in my life, although a necessary one. My mom successfully completed her Duke days. I guess my sister is doing well. To be honest, I don't even know what her major is... I love her though! Love is what matters..and a place to crash if I end up with a super scary roommate. It's really starting to sink in. If anyone has a good remedy for a puffy crybaby face, please let me know. Wish me luck... I'm going to need it.

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