It's inevitable. It's winter time, and it's bound to snow. However, in this day and age it's very easy to know that it is snowing without even wasting the energy to move the curtain and look out the window for yourself. It seems that no matter how much snow falls, people are going to freak out and share the great (not) news to everyone they know. While in the olden days, people probably just leaned out of their windows and screamed into the abyss hoping that someone out there would hear the great news that white frozen water was falling from the sky. But who knows! Maybe they weren't as worried as people are now to share the great (again, no) news that it is below the acceptable temperature and snow is, in fact, falling from the sky. It's a magical time, and apparently that means that everyone must be told by tons of other people. Here are the ways for finding out if the weather is acceptable or not.

1. Hearing the groans of the neighbors

On more than one occasion, you could be sitting in your dorm or apartment getting ready for the day when you hear someone out in the hallway groan so loud that it echoes through the halls. That groan could only mean one thing: the white devil has returned. It means that there is a great chance that your beloved car will basically slide all the way to campus and you will need to go back and get even more bundled up because, goodness knows, the wind will pick up. Nothing is more fun than going out into the winter wonderland without the proper clothing.

2. Facebook

I'm not going to spend a long time talking about this because you all know exactly what I mean. You wake up, check your social media just for fun, and then it starts. All of your Facebook friends that are within a 10-mile radius are all posting that it is snowing outside and that they are pissed because their boots don't go with their outfit or whatever. There are a ton of people collectively complaining one right after the other. It takes you a while to get to the point on your feed where the first people to wake up this morning found out the horrible fate of the day. It's never a fun time to be on Facebook when it's snowing. And what's probably more annoying than the people talking about it is the people complaining about the people talking about it. It's just a chain of events that will never end.

3. Other social media

Now that other social media websites have become more popular such as Instagram and Snapchat, you can expect to see the snow flow in all of those ways too. Nothing is more fun than blasting through your stories and seeing seven people post the same photo but with varying captions based on their opinion of the snow. It's just a great time, but it also helps you know how to deal with the rest of the day.

4. The screams and the laughing

What is possibly my favorite thing, is hearing all of the people outside trying to walk to class or walk to their cars and they aren't wearing the right shoes, so you hear a distinct "WHOA" as they are about to fall on their butts. And then, the giggling ensues after they catch themselves, and they are back on their merry way. That is always a fun time. Or hearing the sweet sound of Uggs shuffling on the pavement.

5. The complaining

This could probably fall under the same category as number one, but it's more fun in its own category. The final way that I can always tell that it is snowing without looking out the window, is hearing the roommates that have a really early class get up, get ready and then either groan on their way out the door when they realize the doom they are entering or the slam of the door as they come back to put warmer clothes on. It's always funny to see their disdain until you have to go through the same pain in a few hours.

The winter is a time of beauty and snow fun. However, not moving from your bed is more fun; and if you can check your social media beforehand, then you can save yourself from entering the snowy wasteland unprepared. Good luck out there kids. Don't succumb to the wintery and slippery snow.