A whole lot of people I know don't like snow. Some other people I know want to actually move because they don't like snow so much. But, did you ever actually think about the benefits of a snowfall? I don't mean that it looks pretty outside for a day. What I mean is the actual benefits that occur as a result of a snowfall event. So, what's the good part of snow, anyway?

1. It kills bugs. Usually, bugs carrying diseases.

The colder a winter, the more ticks and other dangerous insects killed. As you probably know, ticks typically carry Lyme disease. After a winter that isn't particularly cold, Lyme disease rates increase because the bugs die during the colder months. The snow-pack only makes this occur more aggressively and kills them off even more.

2. It replenishes the water supply.

Snow melt itself is valuable for areas to prevent a drought. If you didn't know, just recently the New York City area was in a drought. Snowfall helps replenish the water table when it melts and prevents droughts.

3. It protects the root systems and soil.

Snow usually acts as an insulator, protecting root systems and plant life. Given Staten Island is the borough of parks, less dead trees are always a good thing.

4. You finally learn to stay inside a day.

Not everything needs to be done right now because you have to stay inside. It's snowing. You can't really run errands. You literally have to do nothing. Or just clean your house. For two days.

5. It just looks nice.

Cliche, but it does.

6. If you go outside, it might feel warmer.

Some people feel like they're crazy saying it feels warmer with snow on the ground, assuming it isn't windy. You aren't crazy. It actually might feel warmer with snow on the ground because snow is obviously white, and sunlight bounces off of white surfaces. Therefore, the sun rays are deflected back up and not absorbed by the surface.

7. You value summer a little more.

If you always have something, it loses it's value. If it's not constantly summer, it adds a little spice to life when it is summer. Life doesn't get too dry (ha... get it?).

8. It can cancel school or work.

.... Or, you have to shovel out your car. Sorry.

9. Winter activities.

You remember enjoying sledding as a kid, don't lie to me. They're different. They're not there all the time. Maybe tap into that a little bit.

10. It makes the soil healthier.

Snow makes the soil fertile. That means it can help grow commercial product or your little garden in your yard.