17 Things That All Small Town Texas Natives Know To Be True
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17 Things That Ring 100% True For Small-Town Texas Girls

Cultural differences typically found only in those little country towns.

17 Things That Ring 100% True For Small-Town Texas Girls

Just 17 things that everyone from a small Texas town knows to be true:

1. Most of your high school friends will be engaged or married by the time they are 18.

This is a part of the assumption that you plan to stay in your tiny little town. Most of my graduating class are already settled down and have marriage on the mind, and with their high school sweethearts none-the-less.

2. Along with many of the married, most of your friends will have at least two kids before they turn 23.

The sad part about this one is that typically you will have more friends with kids and no serious relationships than you will have friends married.

3. Everyone knows everyone else, and their business. 

Not only does everyone know you, your family, and your dogs, they also know your detailed history and everything currently going down in your life.

4. Your high school science or history teacher will most certainly be your gym or athletic coach.

If you were raised in a small country town, you know that athletics tend to be more important to the school district than academics. I have never once had a science, history, or computer teacher who was not one of my coaches. This inevitably gives your education in these subjects a shaky foundation.

5. Every fast food drive-thru is a big truck contest.

Too many times have I witnessed revving contests between all the locals and their TEXAS-EDITION FORDS in the nearest drive-thru.

6. Four-wheelin' may as well be considered a primary mode of transportation.

In most towns or cities it is against the law to ride four-wheelers on any roads or highways, however, no such rules apply in our little towns.

7. Dr. Pepper is essentially holy water.

Dr. Pepper is not just a fun carbonated beverage. In our little towns, it is a lifestyle. Sure there is Coca-Cola and numerous other brands of sodas but nothing can come close to Dr. Pepper in our minds. It just knocks our socks off when a waiter or waitress tries to tell us they do not have Dr. Pepper and instead could give us Mr. Pibb or any other knockoff.

8. There is always nothing to do and somehow always something you can do.

Oh, the times that boredom can get the best of you during any season of the year. However, the list of things you can do goes on and on. I guess it really just depends on the day and how you feel towards your crew.

9. Dirt Roads.

Dirt roads. Everything and anything is possible on those back town dirt roads.

10. Everyone calls Pastor. About everything.

In my tiny town of just around 900 people, we still manage to have five separate churches. You can ask anyone though, you have a problem and you call Pastor. It honestly does not even have to be your pastor. Relationship problems? Pastor. Neighbor problems? Pastor. Need your lawn mowed but you don't have a mower? Pastor.

11. Everyone irrationally hates Oklahoma. 

Really wish I could explain this one to you, but there is not much to say. We just really do not like Oklahoma, for no reason really.

12. The one stoplight in town is actually a blinking light and merely a suggestion. 

The only stoplight in our tiny little town is just one that blinks red and yellow. On top of that, it is really only viewed as a suggestion.

13. Speed Limits? What are those?

Speed limits can definitely get you in trouble but when your cops aren't watching you can guarantee those puppies are only viewed as minimum speeds.

14. Your police department consists of one person.

The police chief in our little town is the chief of himself and if we're really lucky, we might get another cop for a couple of months.

15. The water towers hold emotional significance.

The local water tower is not only a massive vessel to hold the town's water, but also an intriguing spot for young couples and teens looking for adventure. As of now, we have a new water tower but our old one stands erect in memory of the town's history. There would probably be a town mutiny if they tried to take it down.

16. Might as well call us a village.

Everyone is involved in the raising of others. You garden puts fruits and veggies on the table of fellow church folk. The neighbor's chickens provide you with fresh eggs.

17. We are ride-or-die.

The kids dream of getting out of the tiny town they view as a prison, but most grow up and find that their hometown is actually quite perfect for raising a family. Now, it is a hit or a miss; some grow to resent the stunt of opportunity available and some value the community that you can always find there. Even if you make it out and start a family somewhere else, your little town will always be home in your heart.

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