10 Cheap Things To Do In A Small College Town, Because You Probably Still Have Big Debt

10 Cheap Things To Do In A Small College Town, Because You Probably Still Have Big Debt

When major metropolitan entertainment is too distant or too expensive for your free time.


As a freshman on a small campus with an even smaller suburban town surrounding it, there are only so many things you can do in your dorm before you start to get bored.

This list offers a few fun suggestions for when you've run out of things to do.

1. Movie Night

As long as there's a Netflix subscription and an HDMI cable between you and your friends, head to a lounge and have a movie night! You can pool snacks, bring blankets, and dress up in your comfiest pajamas. It's simple, quick, and also a conversation topic at breakfast the next day!

2. Farmer's Market

Farmer's markets are a good way to scope out the local area as well as buy things that are genuinely good for you. Casual, instagram-worthy, and charming, you can't go wrong with a little stroll through aisles of home-grown goods. Beat the freshman fifteen and support local businesses at the same time!

3. Local Concerts

Find nearby clubs, cafes, and bars. Places like this typically have smaller venues for local groups, whether they be bands, stand-up comedians, slam poets, or what have you. You can get an evening of entertainment on the cheap and support local businesses and artists while you do so--it's a win/win!

4. Spa Night


Whether you DIY or buy, everyone loves a good home spa treatment. You can google recipes for any self-care treatment under the sun or you can buy face masks and lip scrubs at place like LUSH or online. The endless combinations mean you and your friends can 100% customize the treatments for your specific needs and tastes!

5. Board Games

Ylanite Koppens on Pexel

Cards Against Humanity is a staple game among college students, and with good reason--it's twisted brand of humor is hilarious and breaks down the awkward polite phase of friendships faster than any school-mandated icebreaker does. If offensive humor isn't your style, there's thousands of other board games to choose from. Pick something fun with a competitive edge and watch everyone get excited!

6. Hang Out on the Green


Chances are you and your friends have various hobbies between yourselves. Get a picnic blanket and see if you can't take those hobbies out onto the green for a relaxing afternoon. Play guitar, read poetry, sketch the campus--get cliche! This is the time in your life to be an artsy college kid, after all!

7. Local Bookstores

Sure, chain bookstores are nice, but there's something so charming about the atmosphere of a small bookstore. Take a couple friends over and make a game out of the books you buy--judge by the cover, pick something you never thought you'd read, or swap suggestions with a friend. You never know what good stories you might stumble upon when you don't think too deeply about your choices!

8. Museums


With a student ID, chances are you can get into most museums at a discount or even for free. Make a day trip of visiting a museums in your area--you'll learn something but also get to see parts of town you might not have bothered exploring otherwise!

9. Thrift Shopping


If for no other reason than to look at all the weird knickknacks, give thrifting a shot! Don't expect to find hundreds of perfectly-fitting, artsy clothes, but do expect lots of weird things. See which of your friends can find the most niche, funny trinket!

10. Game Night

Photo by Alex Batchelor on Unsplash

Pick a sport and go cheer for your school's team. Even if you're not big on sports, try out being over-enthusiastic. Wear the school colors, have a tailgate, paint your face--all the works. There's no harm in indulging in mindless, loud fun!

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7 Truths About Being A Science Major


Whether your major is Human Bio, Chemistry, Neuroscience or any other that deals with a lot of numbers, theories, experiments and impossibly memorizing facts, you know the pressures of pursuing a career in this field. So without further ado, here are seven truths about being a science major:

1. There is no “syllabus week.”

Coming back to college in the fall is one of the best times of the year. Welcome week has become most students' favorite on-campus holiday. But then you have syllabus week: another widely celebrated week of no responsibilities… Unless you’re a science major that is. While your other friends get to enjoy this week of getting to know their professors and class expectations, you get to learn about IUPAC nomenclature of alkanes on the first day of organic chem.

2. Your heart breaks every time you have to buy a new textbook.

Somehow every professor seems to have their own “special edition” textbook for class… And somehow it’s always a couple hundred bucks… And somehow, it's ALWAYS required.

3. Hearing "attendance is not mandatory," but knowing attendance is VERY mandatory.

Your professor will tell you that they don’t take attendance. Your professor will put all lecture slides online. Your professor will even record their lectures and make those available as well. Yet if you still don’t go to class, you’ll fail for sure. Coming into lecture after missing just one day feels like everyone has learned an entire new language.

4. You’re never the smartest person in your class anymore.

No matter what subject, what class or what concentration, there will always be someone who is just that much better at it than you.

5. You get totally geeked out when you learn an awesome new fact.

Today in genetics you learned about mosaicism. The fact that somebody can have a disease in part of their total body cells but normal throughout all others gets you so hype. Even though you know that your family, friends and neighbors don’t actually care about your science facts, you HAVE to tell them all anyways.

6. There is never enough time in a day.

You are always stuck choosing between studying, eating, sleeping and having fun. If you're lucky, you'll get three of these done in one day. But if you're a risk taker, you can try to do all of these at once.

7. You question your major (and your sanity) almost daily.

This is especially true when it’s on a Tuesday night and you’ve already consumed a gallon of Starbucks trying to learn everything possible before your . Or maybe this is more prevalent when you have only made it through about half of the BioChem chapter and you have to leave for your three hour lab before your exam this afternoon. Regardless, you constantly wonder if all the stress is actually worth it, but somehow always decide that it is.

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13 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Make Out Of Stuff You Already Have

For the last minute or lazy participants in Halloween.


It's that time of the year again! Usually, I try to plan my costumes way in advance, but I always end up needing a last minute costume idea. These costumes are so easy you can pull them together in minutes while still looking like you totally tried this year. Hopefully, you'll have most of these staples in your wardrobe, if not you can always shop around in a roommates closet and make something work. No one wants to wait on the Party City line the entire week of Halloween so best wishes coming up with one of these costumes.

1. Rosie the Riveter

We can do it!

All you need for this last minute costume idea is a blue button up and a red bandana. How much easier could it get?

2. Wednesday Addams

I'm not perky.

Although the black dress with the white collar is her iconic look, anything all black with braids will do.

3. Eleven

She's our friend and she's crazy!

Have a pink dress and navy sweater, that's a brilliant last-minute costume.

4. Lumberjack or The Bounty Man


A flannel and jeans is the most versatile costume.

5. Sim

I only speak Simlish.

This is the best last minute costume idea ever. All you have to do is print out the plumbob from this pdf, tape it together and stick it to a headband. Look at you! Such a creative costume in seconds.

6. Damian from Mean Girls

She doesn't even go here!

Every single person has a blue hoodie and a pair of sunglasses in their closet. This costume is basically just pjs.

7. Hippie

Peace out man.

This last minute costume idea is a little more on the complicated side, but with a few key pieces you should be able to pull it off.

8. Victoria's Secret Angel

What's my secret?

Robe + cute bralette = sexy model costume.

9. Maid

Cleaning services!

This costume requires an apron, so you might have to go out and buy one piece, but its adorable so its worth it.

10. Boo

It's scarin' time.

This last minute costume idea can literally be pulled from thin air. Its just a pink shirt and pigtails.

11. Scarecrow or Cowboy


Again, a flannel and jeans is a great costume. If you have a hat wear it and you're a cowboy, if not with a little makeup you can be a scarecrow.

12. 80's Workout Girl

Party off the pounds.

Bodysuits are super in right now so everyone has them. Add a pair of colorful or patterned leggings and you got yourself a look.

13. Some sort of animal

I'm a mouse, duh!

If all else fails put on some ears and draw on an eyeliner face.

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