In 2018, the United States alone produced 38.5 million tons of plastic waste (PPC). If my math is correct, that's 77 billion pounds of plastic waste as a country. If you weren't aware, plastic isn't biodegradable, so that means it just sits. And does nothing. Except kill the turtles and sea life, it's fine, I'm not mad anyways let's move on. Here are some very small but effective changes to make in order to make that 77 billion number, smaller.

A good first step is to be mindful when you're shopping. If something is going to be thrown away after the first use, you probably don't need it in the first place. This goes for plastic forks/spoons, plastic plates, and cups, etc. Also, if something is wrapped in plastic or is in a plastic container, look for one without it. This includes produce and other grocery items. If you can't find one, that's okay. Like I said it's all about being mindful about how much waste you're producing.

Next. For the love of God stop using plastic water bottles. If I see you carrying a case of Pure Life out of Walmart I will make fun of you. I'm really passionate about this one. The Gatorade ones at Scheels are literally $4. Do you know how much cool those Hydroflasks have? A Yeti? If you use reusable water bottles your clout levels immediately reach 9 thousand. I'm passionate about this one. Don't do it. Thank you.

This also includes going out or adult-friendly festivities, if you're 21, of course, hehe. They sell reusable tumblers that keep your drinks cold for up to 6 hours. Nothing is worse than a room temperature Twisted Tea, or so I've heard. Not with those reusable bottles or tumblers, they stay cold for hours. You automatically go from an 8 to a 10 if you have a reusable cup in your hand at a party, I don't make the rules. Red solo cups don't keep your drinks cold and they don't attract as many babes.

The last tip is for my fellow iced coffee fiends. Bring your own tumbler to get coffee! They usually always take money off if you do, and you don't waste the cup or straw. I worked as a barista for 2 years before college, I promise it's not an inconvenience and people won't look at you weird, they'll probably respect you for it.

Lastly, skip the lid and the straw if you're eating out somewhere, there's really no need for it!

Use these tips to not only look cool but keep the Earth cool too <3

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