Slovenia: Europe's Hidden Gem
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Slovenia: Europe's Hidden Gem

From trendy art scenes to picturesque nature, Slovenia truly has it all.

Slovenia: Europe's Hidden Gem
Bailey Shafer

Slovenia, rarely on the top of anyone's travel bucket list, is a gem. For every person who has scratched their heads trying to figure out where the country is, Slovenia offers an amazing attribute. For this reason, I highly recommend visiting this treasure trove of beauty and culture in the heart of Europe.

The capital city, Ljubljana, offers quaint streets lined with coffee shops and stores. Here the artistic and the historic intertwine, making every street a new and interesting experience. The people of Slovenia could not be more friendly. Often times as a tourist you see the less friendly side of the people you encounter, but in Slovenia that was not the case.

Ljubljana itself is a fantastic destination. It offers opportunities to explore castles, experiment with different cuisine, and take in art at every turn. I have never felt more at peace with the world than when I wandered the old town streets, at this point now covered in snow.

There is a certain authenticity to the city. We stayed in the art district of the city during our time here. Never does the art seem to answer to anyone, but rather it exists for the sake of existing. Entire buildings have been converted to art. They seem to speak for themselves as the viewer is surrounded by the numerous displays. You could come back to visit every day of your trip and notice a completely new aspect of the art.

Out of Ljubljana there is the opportunity for many day trips. Cities like Venice are only 3 hours away by bus. However, to truly see Slovenia I recommend taking an hour bus ride to Lake Bled. Situated near the country's Triglav National Park, the beautiful town offers fantastic views and a quaint small town feel. Picturesque walks around the lake will intrigue the viewer the entire way around. In summer the lake is fantastic for swims. Situated in the middle of the lake is a church. if you are feeling brave you can swim out to it, or you could take a small boat out there.

If the scenery of the lake wasn't quite enough, there is always hikes through the Vintgar Gorge or Triglav National Park. Vintgar features wooden walkways perched along the edges of the rocks. You are truly brought into the beautiful landscape. Crystal blue waters and gorgeous waterfalls will leave you pinching yourself to make sure this isn't a dream. Triglav offers great mountain hikes and even more amazing lakes to enjoy. You simply don't know beauty until you have checked out the natural wonders in this country.

In the town center, you can sit in any number of cute little coffee shops. Each offers its own version of traditional Slovenian desserts and fantastic coffee. It is the perfect opportunity to people watch and relax in such a lovely place.

So I ask, Why not visit Slovenia? The scenery is to die for, the people are great and the country offers an authenticity you just don't find anymore. Slovenia is a must for those who want to see the world. It surely should occupy a spot on everyone's bucket list, because Slovenia truly is a gem!

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