Slave Auctions of Migrants in Libya
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Slave Auctions of Migrants in Libya

A discussion of the deeper issues that fuel the slave trade in Libya.

Slave Auctions of Migrants in Libya

The world (the United States) found out about the slave trade in Libya and was outraged.

The world was outraged and demanded a stop to it.

Many people denounced what was happening.

The world has moved on to the next outrage and slave auctions are still happening.

This is what happens when atrocities are uncovered. People get mad for a moment and move on without even discussing the deep-rooted, complex issues that ready the soil for these disgusting things to occur on such a large scale.

There has been a huge flux of African immigration to the European continent. For most Africans trying to get to Europe, Libya is a necessary stop.

Unfortunately, most migrants who get to Libya will never board boats to get across to Europe. Of those who do make it to the shores, most do not make it to Europe alive. Once migrants get to Libya, they are often kidnapped by smugglers and sold in auctions. In other cases, these migrants are arrested and thrown in detention centers where they are prisoners, another breed of slaves.

Although Libya has recently denounced the practice of holding slave auctions in its country, its government more so discussed the issue of immigration rather than slavery. While it is of the utmost importance to address the issues that have people risking their lives to travel to another continent with nothing but the idea that things will be better, it is also vitally important to delve into the discussion of slavery in Africa, specifically slavery within the Islamic world. An in-depth discussion of slavery in Islam escapes the breath of this article.

Yes, Libya is right in asking the global community and specifically, The African Union, to collectively discuss the reasons as to why people are migrating at such a rate and hopefully uncover solutions to the conflict. Some solutions should include representative and non-corrupt governments, job creation, infrastructure development, healthcare and educational reform. However, currently, Libya needs to deal with the issue of slave owning and selling with no tolerance. This means there should be legal repercussions for owning and selling slaves. This also means that the process of sending migrants back to their country of origin should be expedited but until migrants are sent back they need to be treated with dignity and respect. It is 2017; We need to come to the definitive conclusion that it is absolutely wrong to own another human being under any and all circumstances.

The other discussion that I was expecting to hear after the world uncovered the slave auctions in Libya was that of organ trafficking. Some of the migrants that end up trapped in Libya are not sold whole but by the part. They are having their organs harvested and sold for thousands of dollars to the WEST.

Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children, and all other human beings are being drugged as well as having their organs taken. In some cases, these migrants will have all viable organs removed and will be left for dead. Of the migrants who somehow make it to the shores to board boats and attempt to get across, what happens to those who drown and die in the sea? Their bodies are taken back to Libya and instead of being sent to their families in their countries of origins, all of their organs are harvested and buried in huge, unmarked graves. This is the testimony of a man who has lived through this hell. He has been sold. He has dug the graves. He has tossed the bodies. Here is his story.

The trafficking of organs of black people is not a new occurrence nor is it something out of a horror movie. It is a perpetually flourishing market that needs to be eliminated. Organ trafficking is also not an issue isolated to Libya or Africa. In Haiti, organ traffickers take advantage of the natural disasters to pump the market with new organs, mostly of children. The recent cholera epidemic has also been used to stimulate the market with new organs. Cholera is the perfect biological weapon to obtain viable organs because the organs are completely unaffected. All cholera does is dehydrate the body until the victim dies. This is when the traffickers get to work. There is so much more that can be discussed about organ trafficking, but that discussion also escapes the breath of this article.

You might be asking, "Why isn't this talked about on the major news outlets in the United States?" Well, which countries and/or peoples do you think benefit the most from the organ market? It is said that David Rockefeller has had seven heart transplants. How many people are listed as organ donors to supply that? How long is the transplant list for such an organ? How is it possible that while some are waiting years for one organ and many die without ever receiving a transplant, David Rockefeller has had SEVEN heart transplants in his one lifetime? I am not accusing anyone of participating in the organ market, but I am saying that with all the money Rockefeller has, saving thousands of dollars for stolen organs is a possibility.

I am begging the world to not allow this to continue to happen. When you delve into the underbelly of humankind, witness the most deplorable of behavior and see the suffering of your fellow human beings. How can you sleep while knowing nothing serious is being done?

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