The best way to define Thanksgiving is a tradition dating back to 1621 when the English pilgrims who had traveled to Massachusetts thanked the Native Americans and celebrated with them for a plentiful harvest.

In 1863, Abraham had finally declared it a national holiday with a concrete date, aka the fourth Thursday in November.

This holiday season, someone asked me why I treat Thanksgiving like it doesn't exist and go straight to celebrating Christmas. It's all because Thanksgiving is our worst holiday to celebrate, and it is FULL of controversies. Especially considering the history behind Thanksgiving has been completely white-washed.

So what is Thanksgiving actually? A national day of mourning.

Many people believe that this holiday is actually just a celebration of the conquest of Native Americans, and I completely agree. With the white-washed version of Thanksgiving being a day to celebrate the day Native Americans and pilgrims set aside their differences and "broke bread".

So, this Thanksgiving, actually teach the people around the narrative of Thanksgiving. Come to the realization that this holiday is controversial. I am going to be celebrating with my family. But NOT because of the holiday, but because I miss them and want to catch up with everyone (plus, there's going to be mashed potatoes!!!)

Stop letting your children decorate with the "first feast" crafts. Letting them draw a Native American headdress is not cool anymore. Let them instead draw what they are thankful for.

It's time we realize what Thanksgiving is actually about and change the narrative.