Skipping The College Graduation Party
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I Skipped The College Graduation Party, But I'm Partying In Other Ways

Having a college graduation party is a monumental way to celebrate for many, but I decided not to host such an event.

Ashley Leeds
Ashley Leeds

Having a college graduation party is a monumental way to celebrate for many, but I decided not to host such an event. I have been to many graduation parties and even combined my birthday party celebration with my graduation from middle school in 8th grade. While I had an enjoyable time, I decided to not go down the graduation party route again in high school and college.

Perhaps, graduate school will be a different story, but for now, I am not participating. When I turned 21, I had a birthday party with friends and family that was a joyous occasion highly resembling graduation parties. While I feel that there is nothing wrong with one throwing a graduation shindig, I did not see myself doing so this time. Moreover, those who are key people in my life will always be present for me with or without a party, and those who do not mean as much are not relevant and should not have the privilege to be invited to a day celebrating me. I only want significant people to be part of my graduation, and acquaintances from my college years who I won't talk to again following college don't have a place in my life.

Graduation parties are lots of work to prepare, plan, and eventually execute. I don't mind putting effort into bringing together my loved ones, but frankly, I feel that I wouldn't be able to enjoy my party. I would be too busy running around attempting to entertain my guests and assure that everyone is content while also ensuring that I am mingling with everyone.

Moreover, many of my friends and classmates also want to throw graduation shindigs and often pick overlapping and conflicting dates. There are only so many weekend days — which is when most people host graduation parties — to choose from during the busy summer season. I did not want to have to compete with a friend to see if our mutual friends would either come to my party or theirs or alternatively decide to split their time between the two parties. However, college friends typically do not live nearby, so attending graduation parties usually turns into an all-day affair with travel time. I do not want to put myself or my loved ones in a position to choose whose party to attend.

Fortunately, my boyfriend will be having a lovely graduation party later this summer, and I'll be able to live vicariously through him. Furthermore, my 21st birthday she-bang, which occurred only a year ago, was meaningful to me and acts as a pre-graduation party for all of my purposes. Graduation parties are great for those who invite the special people in their lives to acknowledge their milestones, but graduation parties are not essential to celebrate one's achieved accomplishments.

I have been and will continue to celebrate my current chapter closing and my next one beginning with those who are important to me in my life on many different days and not just limit celebrating to one day!

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