As I've gotten older and depression and anxiety have been introduced to my life, it is often times hard to remember how to stay positive. There are times where it seems like everything is against you and then there are times where you just can't get out of a funk.

Personally, I've been struggling with a broken foot and have found my go-to medicine, running, hasn't been in the cards for me. So here is a few little things you can do to stay positive in days where it doesn't seem like you can be positive.

1. Set a reminder to smile

Back in Freshman year of high school my friend stole my phone and set a reminder to go off every day at noon to tell me to smile. Although this may seem like a silly idea every day at noon, I force a smile.

2. Think of one thing that you're thankful for

To go with the above idea of taking a minute out of your day to smile comes my second tip, while you are sitting there smiling, think of something you're thankful for that day. For example, today while I forced a smile I thought about how I'm only a week away from seeing my siblings again. I only have a week before break and I'll be able to be back with my family and work.

3. Free association writing

Sit down with pen and paper and just write down everything and anything that comes to your head. The purpose of Free Association Writing is allowing yourself to be uncensored and just write. This has helped me get my feelings and frustrations out while I may not be able to construct the worlds verbally.

4. Go on an adventure

Luckily, living in Chicago allows me to have access to the CTA and Uber/Lyft with the help of an app. Some days the only way to get out of a funk is to just get lost. Head out somewhere and run with wherever it takes you. Usually, this leads me to a new coffee shop or just simply allows me to walk down a road I may have never really paid attention to.

5. Tell yourself to be positive

Here is, yet again, probably a very hippy sounding idea, but sometimes the only one who can instill positivity is yourself. By starting off your morning by telling yourself you will have a good day and will be happy will force you to try and keep this promise to yourself.

6. Blast nostalgic music

By finding music that you associate happy memories with, you can change your attitude. Psychology explains with mood-congruent memory that your state of mind will determine the type of recall of memories. If you're feeling down and listen to music that makes you think of things that also bring you down then you need to switch the playlist.

There will certainly be days that are harder to stay positive and will feel like nothing can go right, I have these days more often than others. You just have to remind yourself that there is so much more to life then what you're able to see now. Change your perspective and continue to find little things to enjoy in the day, find solice in little pleasures.