Six Ways To Fight Distance

Six Ways To Fight Distance

The struggle of mixing long distance relationships and college.

Amanda Morse

Being in a long distance relationship sucks. No cuddling up together to watch movies or going out on a date to a nice restaurant. Going through this is hard enough without the added stress of college, but if you really love your significant other, it is more than worth the wait. Through your time apart you can develop yourself and who you are with them compared to who you are without them. From my experience, it can be a difficult experience that's completely worth it in the end.

1. Keep them updated.

Your daily activities may not seem that interesting to you, but when your significant other is miles away (2,730 miles in my case) they may not otherwise know that the road in front of your college needs to be redone, or that you just enjoyed a pizza from Domino's with friends in your dorm room. Show them what outfit you're wearing for your presentation today. It's the little things.

2. Be there for each other

When I have a big test or paper coming up, I always want some little extra Skype time to let myself relax and be happy. If your partner is having a rough time, your first instinct may be to cuddle them or hug them. This isn't possible through a phone. Trying to be there when you can't be there is one of the hardest things for me. If they're having a bad day, try to put in the little extra effort to make them smile.

3. Be understanding

I wake up at 7 in the morning on a rainy Monday for a class that bores me and I would love to give my boyfriend a call and talk to him while I get ready... but the problem is that it's only 4 a.m. for him. On the other hand, when I go to bed at 11:30, it's only 8:30 for him. If there is a time difference it's important to be respectful. Also, know that they may not be able to text in class or at work and don't expect them to get in trouble just to text you back.

4. The Internet is your friend

There are many apps you can use to keep up with each other. Some offer a chance to draw together, play games together and watch movies together. My favorite is Skype of course and my boyfriend and I use all the time to watch Netflix or YouTube together in real time without trying to manually sync it up by saying, "1,2,3, play!"

5. Plan reunions and make the most of them

I only get to see my boyfriend every six months. My flight on May 19th will be our last visit since he's coming back with me and we're moving into our first apartment, but it's been emotionally straining to have him so far away. It really truly helps to know when you're going to see each other again. Also, when you are together, try to make the most of it. Build a snowman, visit a natural park, go to the beach or go to a museum. Show your S.O. your world and let them experience it themselves. Remember, just because it's the same old thing to you it can still be new to them.

6. Don't give in to negativity

"You're too young, you should be playing the field." "Do you really want to wait around for a guy you can't go on dates with?" "I'm sure you can find someone closer." Blah, blah, blah... Some people just don't understand what it's like to be in this kind of relationship. It's not easy but I would rather go through this for my boyfriend than lose him to "play the field." It's hard but it can be rewarding and that's all that matters!

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