1.Black Mirror

Every episode of Black Mirror involves a new cast and a new setting. Essentially, Black Mirror is a futuristic Twilight Zone that makes you ponder what our own world would be like in different drastic scenarios that are just barely within reach.


A child diagnosed with autism has an innate ability to analyze numbers. But Jake's talent with numbers is not only revered in the mathematical world; he is able to communicate through numbers with the real world. The way Jake correlates numbers to reality highlights the mathematical side of our real world.


Girls is a reality based fiction show, starring the lead role of three girls trying to figure their lives out. Girls is special amongst other shows for the fact that it features incredibly average people going about their lives and documenting feelings in expressive yet relatable ways. While Lena Dunham may not be the most idolized person, Girls is sure to get you thinking about social dynamics.


A failing musician named Brian takes a notorious drug, NZT, which has deathly side effects. The risks are worth the outcomes for Brian, as he receives superhuman abilities to process information at incredible speed. When the F.B.I. finds out about Brian's power, they hire him for government use.

5.The OA

Prarie, a blind woman who had been missing for years is returned to her hometown, with complete vision. The OA is sci-fi drama that defies expectations set on television shows. From frequent viewers, the OA is something that cannot be explained, only watched.

6. Vsauce

Okay, I know that Vsauce is a youtube channel and not a T.V. show, but if you're looking solely for mind twisting, complex theories, watch vsauce. His channel is filled with different ideas and concepts, and each video is about 20 minutes of thought provoking, cerebral content.