Six Things You Need To Know About Using Magneto as an Enterprise E-Commerce Platform
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Six Things You Need To Know About Using Magneto as an Enterprise E-Commerce Platform

Six Things You Need To Know About Using Magneto as an Enterprise E-Commerce Platform

Nothing beats starting and running an e-commerce enterprise. From day one you get inundated with data of customers or potential customers, customer support requests, abandoned cards and orders, of course, the orders; the fruit of your hard work. Since this is a very competitive environment and is very complicated, you'll need a reliable e-commerce platform.

Magento Enterprise is always a trendy pick amongst the users, But brands face a lot of pressure of selling in the IoT era, so a lot of thought should be put when selecting an e-commerce platform. And we are here to help you decide whether you should go for Magento Enterprise like all the sheep out there who go for the number of users or consider the facts and figures and then decide if you should use Magento as an e-commerce platform.

1.The Increasing Cost

Yes, Magento does not ask you to pay the yearly $22000 as the fee, but you are required to pay for the updates integration, etc on a regular basis which makes up for the fee waiver. Apart from these direct, upfront costs, there will also be hidden charges of running an on-premise website. Magento launches security updates every now and then which require manual installation, and that is no piece of cake. You'll have to hire a Magento specialist or hire the official support, and there goes your money again.

2.Demanding Technology

You need to ask yourself: did I want technology to make life easier for me by helping me or make it worse? If your answer is the former, then Magento is not for you. You'll see that the Magento Enterprise Commerce is based on an old approach where you download and customize which is very time consuming and takes a lot of technical knowledge and brain power.

You might end up hiring specialists again. This hurdle wastes your attention and energy, the two things you could be putting in to expand your enterprise.

3.Unsolved Support Tickets

Magento has over 1300 ongoing and open support tickets. So if you have an issue that needs to be resolved, you will have to take place in the long line before anything can be done about it. If you want help urgently, you'll have to hire Magento specialists again, and they will charge a very handsome amount. Just the Magento Enterprise support can cause your new enterprise to go in a loss.

4.High Maintenance

Running Magento Enterprise's endless cycle of updates can give you a migraine and as we mentioned before, running these is not the easiest thing in the world, and once you spend the time and money on the updates, it will be time to switch to the latest version. The migration is very hectic as users are still complaining of about it and how the themes and extensions are incompatible with Magento 2.

5.It isn't built for the IoT era

More IoT devices are emerging with time so merchants must ask themselves how they're going to sell their products and publish content on every channel. The answer is simple, through a headless commerce platform which can deliver everything to Amazon Echos, smartwatches, digital signage and anywhere else.

Yes, Magento does have API'S to help deliver content to a wide range of channels, but it was never meant to manage a brand's omni channel strategy. You'll have a very inconsistent experience, and you'll have to come up with solutions to fill the left gaps by Magento. This is not at all good when there are brands providing a more enjoyable experience.

6.It is only an e-commerce solution

Magento is just an e-commerce platform and nothing more whereas in today's competitive market, you need so much more than that. The modern user wants a lot of content and won't want to settle with limited one that Magento provides. They want an omnichannel experience where they can see third-party videos, documentaries, and walk-ins and so much more which they won't get through Magento.


There are many more reasons why we could suggest to you to not invest in Magento, but in the end, the choice is yours, and you know what is best for you. We can give you an alternative you can choose from, and we have reason to believe that it is the best: Shopify. It is fast. It is secure, and it is user-friendly. The technical stuff is well taken care of, and your store will run very efficiently.

Plugging and playing any payment gateway is easy for Shopify users who have an easy backend administration and the pricing are very cash flow friendly, so your investments are return multiplied.

The choice, in the end, is yours; we hope you choose wisely.

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