~Feels Invoking~ Situations You’ll Probably Only Understand If You’re Highly Emotional

~Feels Invoking~ Situations You’ll Probably Only Understand If You’re Highly Emotional

Why am I crying? Why do I feel like I’m having a heart attack?


Feels as defined by the extremely legitimate Urban Dictionary, can be “a wave of emotions that sometimes cannot be adequately explained.”

I’d give this definition a standing ovation for so eloquently defining a new colloquial term.

With the ~feels~ revolution has come on overwhelming influx of feels memes, which I always find way too relatable.

As a self-proclaimed, highly emotional being, wreck at times, it’s come to my attention that there are a lot of moments that hit me in the ~feels~ that probably shouldn’t.

Have you experienced these ~feels~? Are you highly emotional? See for yourself:

1. The horrific, devastating feeling when someone honks at you

An absolutely desolating feeling. Am I a horrible driver? *Hyperventilates* Wow I should not be allowed on the road. *Single tear slides down the side of my face*

2. The mortification of accidentally not waving back to someone

Janette is for sure going to hate me now. She’s totally gonna think I’m an absolute bitch. Oh my god, how could I? We probably won’t be friends after this.

3. Criticism

There’s no need for me to describe the feeling that comes along with unwanted criticism. We all know the crushing feeling of receiving negative feedback. Disastrous.

4. The worry associated with receiving an “Okay” text vs an “Okay!” text

One word texts are horrendous on their own. A one word text lacking reassuring punctuation? Even worse. For the love of god, please punctuate your single word texts, otherwise I will probably think I did something wrong for the next three years.

5. The overwhelming, bitter empathy felt when seeing someone elderly eat alone

This is where the ~feels~ definition comes in: why am I feeling so much overwhelming sadness for no apparent reason? Why am I crying? Why do I feel like I’m having a heart attack? My logic tells me Walter is just enjoying a nice peaceful meal to himself. My highly emotional heart tells me his six kids refuse to speak to him and his wife passed four months ago. Help.

6. The overpowering, all-consuming happiness of seeing old people in love

Quite the opposite of seeing Walter eat brunch alone, yet the overwhelming nature is still there. My heart is so full, it might burst. My knees are weak. Did I just fall in love with this 85 year old couple? They’ve lasted so long! My faith in humanity has been restored.

7. The gut-wrenching angst of someone being mad at you

If you’re highly emotional, odds are upsetting someone is the absolute last thing you’d ever dream of doing. Unfortunately it happens. Cue the pleading for forgiveness, the self-deprecation, and the self-pitying tears.

8. The agony of accidentally offending someone

OH MY GOD I am NOT an offensive person! How could I be so insensitive? I’m heartless. I need to see a therapist.

9. The absolutely sublime, tear-inducing feeling of reading, seeing, or hearing something beautiful

Reading the new Rupi Kaur? Tears of happiness. Listening to Post Malone’s Beerbongs and Bentleys for the sixth time through? Tears of joy. Watching the sunset over the ocean? Tears of bliss.

10.The heartbreaking recognition of being mean to your mom

I did not deserve to receive life from this beautiful angel goddess who is too good for this world.

11. Feeling the extreme of literally every single emotion on your birthday

How can I possibly be turning 20? Life is so short. Life is so great! I’m so old, I’m aging so fast. I love my friends, I’m so lucky. Oh my god I’m gonna die alone. Just me? OK.

The feels are real. The feels are good. The feels are bad. But if you’re highly emotional, the feels are constant. I guess you just gotta own it.

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