Having a sister is probably one of the best things ever. They can absolutely get on your nerves and make you question your sanity, but they are also some of the sweetest people out there.

Being a sister isn't exactly a new thing for me. I actually can't remember a time without her since she's only a few years younger than I am. Two and a half to be precise. And though I'll always joke about how the most peaceful years of my life happened before she was born and I was an "only child," I wouldn't change having a sister for anything in the world.

It's like having a built-in best friend.

We haven't always gotten along, but now that we do I never want to go back to those days where communication didn't come as easy.

Now, in honor of my sister's upcoming 19th birthday I started thinking back on all the crazy memories we've shared with each other and everything she has, for one reason or another, made me feel. Amanda, this one's for you…

1. Excitement


You could say that young Vanessa was extremely excited when my sister came home to live with us.

2. Irritation


But every now and again my sister gets on my nerves and we are irritated with each other.

3. Fear


I'll also be afraid that she is lying in a ditch somewhere if she's not home by 10:30pm. Sharp.

4. Safe


But she also makes me feel safe.

5. Jealous


And every so often I'll be jealous...

6. Content


But then again that's okay because we are can also be very content with each other's presence.

7. Protective


And feeling protective just goes without saying. I'll always look out for her best interests.

8. Angry


Sometimes she'll make me angry. We can rage at each other for ages, be it passive aggressive or upfront.

9. Confident


She's the ultimate hype buddy.

10. Thankful


And now that she can drive I have free rides for life! (But really I'm eternally grateful that I have a sister as awesome as this one).



Happy 19th Birthday, dude!