11 Emotions You Are Sure To Have When You Have A Sister Who Is Also Your Best Friend

11 Emotions You Are Sure To Have When You Have A Sister Who Is Also Your Best Friend

Older sister, younger sister, they're all the same...


Having a sister is probably one of the best things ever. They can absolutely get on your nerves and make you question your sanity, but they are also some of the sweetest people out there.

Being a sister isn't exactly a new thing for me. I actually can't remember a time without her since she's only a few years younger than I am. Two and a half to be precise. And though I'll always joke about how the most peaceful years of my life happened before she was born and I was an "only child," I wouldn't change having a sister for anything in the world.

It's like having a built-in best friend.

We haven't always gotten along, but now that we do I never want to go back to those days where communication didn't come as easy.

Now, in honor of my sister's upcoming 19th birthday I started thinking back on all the crazy memories we've shared with each other and everything she has, for one reason or another, made me feel. Amanda, this one's for you…

1. Excitement


You could say that young Vanessa was extremely excited when my sister came home to live with us.

2. Irritation


But every now and again my sister gets on my nerves and we are irritated with each other.

3. Fear


I'll also be afraid that she is lying in a ditch somewhere if she's not home by 10:30pm. Sharp.

4. Safe


But she also makes me feel safe.

5. Jealous


And every so often I'll be jealous...

6. Content


But then again that's okay because we are can also be very content with each other's presence.

7. Protective


And feeling protective just goes without saying. I'll always look out for her best interests.

8. Angry


Sometimes she'll make me angry. We can rage at each other for ages, be it passive aggressive or upfront.

9. Confident


She's the ultimate hype buddy.

10. Thankful


And now that she can drive I have free rides for life! (But really I'm eternally grateful that I have a sister as awesome as this one).



Happy 19th Birthday, dude!

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10 Things I Want My Older Sister to Know

What every older sister needs to hear.


Dear Sissy,

Between growing up and moving away, there are a few things you need to know.

1. I hate that you're always right.

Yes, I said it. You're always right. I don't know how you do it, but you're right about everything, all the time.

2. You're welcome, for all the times I covered for you.

All the late night parties. All the "studying" with your friends. All the "traffic jams" you got stuck in. The number of times that my lying to Mom and Dad saved your rebellious butt is pretty big. So, you're welcome.

3. I'm sorry for all the times I ratted you out.

That just comes with the territory. Besides, all that lying and covering for you is hard. You run out of lies after a while.

4. A lot of people know you.

Which means I'm forever known as your little sister. I know what you're going to say. "Not that many people know me." Oh, but they do. The legend you've left behind is incredible. Which brings me to the next thing I have to say.

5. You are more incredible than you think you are.

Do you even know how many times people have said to me, "Wow, you're HER little sister? She's one of the nicest and most genuine people I've ever met?" Well, the answer is a lot. Everyone I've ever encountered, who knows you, has said some version of that to me the instant I met them.

6. I always liked the hand-me-downs I got from you.

No matter how much I complained about getting used clothing and toys, I secretly wished they would never stop. Being able to wear what you wore, and playing with the same toys you played with, only meant that I was that much closer to being just like you. And that's all I ever wanted as a little kid.

7. Also, I'm sorry that I probably annoyed the heck out of you as a kid.

I know babysitting me and making sure I didn't do anything stupid was the last thing you wanted to do growing up, but I'm glad you did. Despite all the yelling and fighting, I wouldn't have wanted any other babysitter.

8. You love me more than I deserve to be loved.

You always know how to solve my problems, and you always offer the best advice even for the smallest of problems. And every time i"m upset, you know before I even have the chance to tell you. I, honestly, don't know what I've done for you to love me the way that you do.

9. I'm so incredibly proud of you.

You've made such a great name for yourself. You do what you love, and you love what you do. You've found so much happiness in the life that you're living now. You should hear the way mom and dad talk about you constantly - it's like they can never find anything bad to say about you. In the small amount of time that you've been out in the real world, I couldn't be more proud of you than I am now.

10. Thank you for being the greatest sister and most reliable best friend a girl could ever ask for.

You've taught me to never be afraid to be myself. You've mended my (very few) broken hearts. You've helped me grow into the person I am today. You've inspired me to work to be a better person each and every day. And you've been the one person that I'll ever want to look up to. I couldn't imagine this life without you.

I love you so much, sissy.


Your baby sister

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The Universe Knew I Needed A Little Brother To Make Me Who I Was Meant To Be

Who knew my biggest annoyance would also be my biggest teacher?


Everyone has a love/hate relationship with their siblings. And if you say that you don't, you're either crazy or you're lying. Growing up, sometimes I asked myself, "Why aren't I an only child?"

My littlest brother has been bugging me since I was 4. He was born, and at the time I'm sure I thought it was the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Then he started talking. And walking. And figuring out how to push my buttons in ways that no human being ever could. (Don't worry little bro, I'll say nicer things about you later, just keep reading.)

My brother and I fought more than any pair of siblings I'd ever met in my childhood. My friends had little brothers but none of them ever seemed as fed up with theirs as I was with mine. There were times when he didn't even have to speak and I'd be furious with him. Everything set us off. As kids, we used to fight each other (physically), even though I was probably triple his weight. I remember a time when he knocked out one of my teeth, and in return, I hit him so hard he had bruises.

Do we sound certifiably insane yet? No? Just wait, it gets better.

We continued this kind of fighting until I was well into my teens. By that time he was growing, and soon he and I were an even match in terms of strength and height. This made our "wrestling" as my mom liked to call it, all the more crazy.

Once it got so heated during a car ride that we both started yelling ways we would kill the other if we had the chance. (This is the part that makes us really sound crazy.) We went back and forth for what felt like an eternity, but the funny part is that by the time we reached our destination, we were laughing so hard we had tears. We were complimenting the other's creativity and trying so hard to outdo each other coming up with the funniest ways to die.

The point of this is not to make everyone think that all we ever did was scream at each other. He's one of my favorite people on Earth, and a lot of my best childhood memories took place with him next to me.

What really helped was when I went off to college. It caught me by surprise how much I missed him. I checked in with him more than I expected, which probably annoyed him, and I found that I missed being in his company. I even missed our fights.

Now that I'm entering adulthood and he's living out his long-awaited teenage years, our fighting is less frequent and less intense.

I reflect back on my childhood growing up with my little brother, and I realized that if I hadn't had him by my side, I wouldn't be the person I am today and I'd lack a lot of the qualities that I love about myself. Part of the reason I'm tough and independent is that I had to be, growing up with him. Fighting with him taught me that I had to be able to hold my own in the world. He taught me the importance of family.

I'm extremely protective of the people I love, because of him. Growing up my little brother relied on me for a lot, whether he liked it or not. Watching out for him was an inherent part of who I was, it still is. But he also taught me that it's okay to lean on other people because I relied on him a lot too.

The older I got, the more I found myself defending him, trying to help others understand why he did some of the things he did. Maybe it's a sibling thing, or maybe it's all the years we spent harassing each other, but I've always been able to know what he means when he can't quite find the words.

I'm a good arguer. I know how to be patient. I'm good at resolving issues between myself and other people. Because those are all skills I had to develop to survive life growing up with him.

I wouldn't change my relationship with my little brother for anything in the world.

He's one of the best people I know. He is someone who may annoy me to no end but also inspires me every single day. The list of things I admire about him is just as long, if not longer, than the list of ways he annoys me. He thinks in ways no one else does, and he's a constant source of entertainment. He has street smarts I wish I had, and a perspective on life that few others can see. He's funny, creative, stubborn, and everything I'd ever want in a sibling.

I used to wonder why I had a little brother. Why I wasn't able to have the only-child life I thought I wanted. I know now, that the universe knew what it was doing all along. The universe knew I would need a constant pain-in-the-butt, in the form of a blue-eyed, blonde-haired psycho, to push me to be who I was meant to me. To show me all the things I needed to be to have the life I was meant to have. The universe brought my brother and me together in the same life, in the same family, because without him I'd be a very, very different human being.

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