As a single person. It is always interesting to think about how I am going to spend this romantic peak of the year. However, I think I have come up with some pretty good ideas for how I might want to spend my day.

1. Go to Quizzo

Quizzo happens every Thursday here at Villanova, but going on Valentine's day seems like a pretty good plan. Even if I don't know the answer to establishing a genuine love connection with another person, at least I might know how many Oscar nominees Titanic got.

2. Go to my professor's office hours

Since I have nobody to take out to dinner or deliver candy to, I might as well get some help with my Psych class. For example, recently I've been struggling to identify the defense mechanism exhibited when one uses comedy to mask their desire for the loving embrace of a significant other.

3. Spend some time in the church.

It is Saint Valentine's Day after all. What better way to spend it than thanking God, because even if nobody else shows me love, at least I know He will.

4. Go to a Get Real

Get reals are a great day to get to know the Campus Ministry Interns and your peers. They also usually have amazing snacks. I'm going to be eating an enormous amount of snacks to cope with my loneliness anyway, might as well snack for free with some people around to watch as I do it!

5. Watch couples do cute couple stuff.

I really just love love. Watching people who love each other express that love makes me really happy. Though if you do this one, be careful, there are some unwritten rules. I learned the hard way after I stood on Awakening (The Oreo) with a pair of binoculars watching people have lunch dates in Cova. The people in Cova didn't appreciate it, the couple whose picnic blanket I was standing on didn't appreciate it, and Pub Safe sure as heck did not appreciate it.

Well, I wish you all the best of luck. Hope you really feel the love this Valentine's Day. And if you don't... welcome to the club!