Oh, Valentines day; the day full of romantic gestures, sappy "I love you's," but most importantly the day that all single people dread. Were forced to watch all these happy couples share beautiful moments, and listen to our friends rave about how wonderful the significant other is. But what about us single people? What do we get on this one day that is overflowing with love?

1. Go out to a Club with all your single friends

What is more fun than going to a club, and dancing your ass off? NOTHING! There are always plenty of clubs in the city, grab a group of friends who hate this holiday as much as you, and hit the clubs. Tons of other singles there looking to dance and have some fun. Enjoy your night.

2. Throw an Anti-Valentines Day Party

Parties always bring a crowd of people, weather you know them or not. Get a few black hearts, anti-cupids, some "Fuck Valentines Day" drink, and a wonderful broken heart cake and you're set! Not everyone wants to sit in there room alone on Valentines day.

3. Watch sappy Rom Coms all night

Nothing says a good night like all those sappy romantic comidies every loves to watch. Weather your favorite is "50 First Dates," "Titanic," or "The Notebook," you know these movies wont let you down. Stock up on some crappy dollar store Valentines Day chocolate, grab your fuzziest blanket, and press play.

4. Do something you keep forgetting to do

Have that one thing on the back of your mind that keeps bugging you to do it? Well now is your chance! Read that book you put down three months ago, finish knitting that scarf, make that new recipe you have been dying to try, clean out that closet you have been avoiding since summer ended. Your choices are endless if you have no one to spend this holiday with.

5. Start a new project

Go onto the wonderful app of Pintrest and start the searching. Pintrest always has amazing suggestions for short term, and long term projects. Just make sure you don't bite off more than you can chew. Like a few posts, and start the arts and crafts, fill your night with new projects you can put all over your place


6. Go on a blind date

We all have that one friend who keeps dying to set us up with their boyfriends "good buddy" that she keeps raving about, and half the time it is a bust, but the other half can turn into a great night. Give that friend a chance and go out with a complete stranger, enjoy your night. It will give you an excuse to dress up, and maybe even get some free food. But, if this friend sets you up with a terrible guy, never listen to their guy advice again.

7. Treat yourself

Every girl loves shopping, whether it is online or at the mall. Save up some money, and splurge yourself. Have that favorite pair of shoes you have always wanted, or that one jacket that won't leave your mind? Go out and get it! If other people are going to be spoiled this day by their significant other, then why can't you?

8. Get away

Have some extra money still left over from spoiling yourself, make that a girls weekend. Get your closest group of girls together, and plan a mini getaway. If you live near a city, head into the city, if you don't, go somewhere that isn't your town. This way you can avoid all those annoying three month long couples in your town that are "so in love."

9. Spend some quality one-on-one time with your pet

Go home, and force love upon your pet. They are the one Valentine that never leaves your side all year, and that you can rely on. Buy them a nice gift (all pets love outfits!) and spend the night in. Take tons of snapchat videos and pictures of you and your significant pet to make all those who look at it jealous.

10. Absolutely nothing different

Worse comes to worse, you have no money, no single friends, do what you do every day. Ignore all the gross couples smooching around you, and do your usual. Go to the store, go for a walk, make yourself dinner or dine out, and once you get home, change into your pajamas, curl up and watch some good old Netflix. Its just a glorified day. Don't change your routine.

Valentine's day doesn't have to spent alone. And especially doesn't have to make you feel shitty. While every couple in the world is showing off their love, enjoy yourself. Don't forget that the day after Valentine's day, all the candy that is love related goes on to the wonderful 75 percent off sales. Enjoy your day of sappy over loving!