5 Ways To Survive Valentine's Day If You're Single
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5 Ways To Survive Valentine's Day If You're Single

Don't be bitter, embrace the single life!

5 Ways To Survive Valentine's Day If You're Single

It's that time of year again: "Love is in the air," or so they say, as we approach the day that inspires a wide range of emotions: Valentine's Day.

Don't get me wrong, V Day can be V cute (get it?) for couples, young or old, new or long-time sweethearts. But for everyone else, it can also be a painful, chocolate-and-flower-ridden reminder of single life.

That being said, no one likes the Scrooge-like whiners who complain about being lonely or try to diminish the happiness of others in order to feel better about their solitude. All the "Singles Awareness Day" ambassadors. Like, we get it, but don't ruin it for the rest of those lovebirds out there; witty self-deprecation gets old pretty quickly. But Valentine's Day is about love, right? So why not turn that love normally reserved (and advertised by Hallmark) for others and turn it on yourself? Or show it to those close friends and family members?

So if you find yourself without a soulmate this Valentine's Day, here are some ways to help the big day go smoothly:

1. Do something fun by yourself.

Whether you're a gregarious person or not, enjoying a night alone is a healthy occurrence every once in a while. Go to that movie you've been dying to watch, visit that museum exhibit you read about, or go out shopping. Pour a glass of wine (or iced tea, no judgement here), order some take-out, and kick up your feet to some Netflix. Celebrate being alive and loved by...someone.

2. Send a nice message to your loved ones.

Remember when you passed out Valentine's Day cards to your classmates in kindergarten? You weren't in love with all of them, so run with that feeling. The central theme of Valentine's Day is love, so make the special people in your life aware of your love for them. If money's tight and you can't get every person a card or box of chocolates, just send a thoughtful note, text, or pick up the phone and tell them you care about them.

3. Don't tear yourself or other people down on social media.

This is essential. Everyone can chuckle at the "single-and-ready-to-mingle" comedy that brings levity to all the bachelors out there. However, when it becomes a soliloquy of "why I'm not good enough" or how "no boy/girl likes me," that represents serious self-confidence issues that should be solved elsewhere, not on social media. On the other hand, some people point their frustrations outward at the world. And when you're alone in introspective thought or isolated from others, that's fine. But does the world really need someone on Facebook bashing other couples who are celebrating their love and happiness? The bottom line is to keep it offline.

4. Don't vandalize, assault, or otherwise offend your ex-lover(s).

Tempting, for sure. But along with not attacking others on social media, also be sure to avoid actually attacking people. Your ex (whom you still follow online for some reason) has a new partner. Good for them. Don't infect their laptop with a virus, or key the new Prius that they got on Valentine's Day, or in any way disrupt their life. It's over between you two, so let bygones be bygones so you can...

5. Embrace the single life!

Valentine's Day should be a great reminder that you are awesome, period. You've got great qualities that make you one of a kind. Plus, you've survived this long, single or otherwise; one of the greatest parts about being single (besides the cheap bill at restaurants, increased bed space, etc.) is knowing that, while it would be nice to have someone in your life, you don't need anyone.

So turn that frown upside down this February 14th! Maybe someday, Lord willing, you'll find that special someone who will make articles like this obsolete. Until then, enjoy the life of a bachelor (or bachelorette) and cheer on all those happy couples!

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