Being Single On Valentine's Day Is The Best Way To Go

Being Single On Valentine's Day Is The Best Way To Go

It's not the end of the world, I promise!


With Valentine' Day just around the corner, there's a lot of pressure to plan a magical day complete with the perfect flowers, venue and of course, the perfect person, But despite all of the hype surrounding this hallmark holiday, it's not necessary to be coupled up to make the most of the day! As someone who has spent many a valentine's day single, I have plenty of experience in the "Lonely Hearts Club" but even though I haven't yet gotten to sweep someone off their feet with a candlelit dinner and a comically large teddy bear, I still really enjoy the day.

Being single on valentines day doesn't have to be tragic! Despite what media and society would have you believe, if you're without a significant other, you don't have to spend the whole day looking dramatically out the window sobbing and wondering why you're just so undesirable. Why? Because it's not true! In fact, flying solo can make for the best valentine's day! For example, valentine's day is when the best chocolate hits the shelves, thankfully for you, you're single! Which means that any chocolate you buy is just for you to enjoy! What could be better than that?

There also seems to be this unspoken "rule" that if you're not romantically involved with someone on the most romantic day of the year, you're sentenced to spend the day alone... NOT TRUE! By not feeling pressured to spend the evening with your partner, you can get together with a group of friends and make your own fun! Get dressed up and go to dinner, go rock climbing, go see a play or even stay in and binge watch a new show it doesn't matter, just grab a group of good friends and make a night out of it! No romantic pressure, no trying to impress anyone just a stress-free night.

On a more serious note, our culture teaches us that the only way to feel fulfilled and happy is to be in a relationship. Obviously, that's not the case but society forces people to believe that their worth is based on their ability to attract other people and Hallmark holidays like valentine's day don't do anything but reinforce that damaging ideal. I think that spending a couple's holiday alone helps to show someone that they have value, worth and success even if they aren't someone's "better half."

Being single on valentine's day isn't uncommon and it certainly isn't the end of the world. In fact, it can be fun and for some maybe even liberating. So if, like me, you're alone this valentine's day don't fret! Just remember that it isn't a bad thing to be single. You still have value and worth and you can make the best out of a goofy commercialized holiday because, in the end, you've got to love yourself.

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10 Dates For All Couples, Including Long Distance Lovers, To Have This Valentine's Day

"I'm sick of all this lovey dovey sh*t" - Drake


So originally, I was in Florida for college, so my boyfriend and I were going to be apart for Valentines day this year, but things changed. Before that I was trying to come up with dates for us to have, but now that we aren't apart I figured that I would still share the ideas for all the long distance couples out there looking for something simple and easy to do this Valentines Day. All of these can be used if you're together or apart this Valentines day. So here's 10 date ideas for ALL couples to share this Valentines Day.

1. Watch a movie together.


Kinda lame but for long distance couples, there's websites that allow you and somebody else to watch the same movie and video chat while the movies playing.

2. Cook together and have dinner.


Get on FaceTime long distance couples and cook the same thing for dinner at the same time so yo guys can "sit down together" and have a meal like you would if you were at home.

3. Share the sunset, or sun rise.


If you can, because this one might be a little difficult.

4. Listen to music together.


New music, old music, if you guys have a special song.

5. Share the highlight and low point of each others day.


You guys could continue to do this everyday.

6.Create a photo album together.


You can make digital photo albums.

7. DIY night.


Find a few DIY's that you guys want to try and make it friendly competition, over FaceTime.

8. Read to each other.


Whether it be a book, or a poem, or song lyrics.

9. Dance around to music together.


Obviously less fun over Face Time, but still fun.

10. The traditional Valentines day.


Send flowers, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolates, sweet cards and blah blah blah.

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Whether Your Perpetually Single Or Married AF, Here Are 5 Easy Things To Do This Valentine's Day

Make the perfect day even more special.


The day that is full of love, smiles, and red faces. Valentine's Day! This is such a beautiful day because there are many people showcasing their love for one another, or people embracing to tell their biggest secret to someone (their crush). This day is one of my favorite holidays and I love how people make others feel especially special on this day. There are many things to do on Valentine's Day, but if you're single or in a relationship, I have the perfect things to do.

1. The Stars.

This may seem corny, but taking the time to sit outside at 7 p.m. to look at the stars is lovely. Having that time to communicate with your significant other is relaxing and peaceful. This is a great way to enjoy each other's company and to cherish a moment of relaxation.

2. Yum, Num, Yum.

Of course, I was going to tell you to go out to eat. Taking that time to eat dinner with your significant other is important. You can have that moment in time to just express why you love that person and you can do it over a great dinner. If you're not feeling anything fancy, choose a different type of scenery. Instead of prime ribs and asparagus, go get some good 'ole fashioned wings, ribs or a juicy burger. Step outside of the box.

3. Game Night.

Having a game night with your significant other is not traditional at all, that's why you should do it. Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, Dance Dance Revolution. These are all great games to play with your significant other. Having that time to laugh and relieve stress with one another can really help you mentally. It may seem childish, but it is something different and is not a part of the status quo.

4. If you're single,  mingle.

For all my single souls, it's okay not being in a relationship on Valentine's Day. There're still things for you to do. You can go out with your other single friends an enjoy their company. You can even try speed dating. Movie night by yourself isn't too bad neither, I've done it before and it is quite peaceful. Treating your mom, dad or siblings is not ideal, but it will make their day. Valentine's Day can be spent with anyone, not just someone you have "feelings" for.


There will probably be love movie marathons playing on TV the entire week of Valentine's Day. Enjoy a "chick flick" with your girls or guys. I know it may seem lame, but movie night is the best type of night to spend with family & friends. One of my favorite movies is Valentine's Day. It's such an awesome movie that focuses on a range of people and their Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is the time to show everyone you care for that you love them. Whether you show them in small gestures or big gestures. You can give people thank you cards or send them a basket of edible arrangement. This is the day of love. Let this be the day that you embrace love, in every aspect that you can embrace it in.


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