4 More Intriguing Sims 3 Anecdotes

Once again, I've sold my soul to The Sims 3, and once again I've had more than enough time to play to my heart's content, and thanks to being a writer, their stories become more in depth than I anticipate.

1. The Artsy Bachelor Gets.... a Wife?

Jane Niland

Nikolai has been and continues to be one of my favorite sims to work with. Despite his interesting personality and attractiveness, he hadn't yet found anyone to spend the rest of his life with. This was partially because he was kind of a womanizer, plus now that he adopted a kid, Ophelia, he'd have to be extremely picky with who he let into their lives. Enter Cressida Wells, who, out of everyone in Bridgeport, deserved a new life. The two had been friends for years, and she, against her better judgment, fell in love with him, but convinced herself that there would be nothing between them, and started dating another guy. Niko found himself getting jealous around her new boyfriend, but he didn't know why. It wasn't until she drunkenly confessed her love at his brother Icarus's wedding that he started to reevaluate his relationship with her. Later, at one of his parties, he confessed that he loved her as well, and they spent the night together. Cressida, however, left that morning, later telling Niko that as much as she loved him, she knew what he was like, and was surprised he would choose her. But she was different. He did all he could to prove he'd be faithful, from first officially calling her his girlfriend, to letting her move in with him and Ophelia. So far, he's kept his promise. They later married, moved to Roaring Heights, and in addition to Ophelia, had two beautiful daughters, Lavinia and Georgia. The way things are going, another little one may be on the way in the future.

2. Vee the Troublemaker

Jane Niland

Yet another son has been added to the second generation: Viktor Asahi (Or Vee for short.) At first, he seemed fairly unremarkable, trying to emulate his proper and cerebral father and almost always had a nose in a book. As a teenager, her started to rebel a bit more and act a bit strangely. When he finally grew into an adult, he gained the Insane trait. The rest of the family has no problem with his eccentricity, more so his troublemaking, from attempting to use his vampire powers to hypnotize people to trying to prove he's the most handsome of his brothers to his many romantic liaisons and his penchant for risky "woohooing"... Since he's pissed off his parents a few many times, he's thinking about striking out on his own. On the brighter side of things, he's brilliant... He's one of the best forensic investigators in town, and the mystery and trashy novels he's penned are bestsellers.

3. Stuck in the Past

Jane Niland

This is almost entirely self-indulgent and may grow into a longer story. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time was typical for someone as impulsive as Regina, but being in the wrong time certainly wasn't. One minute she was scoping out an abandoned building, the next she was in some lab in the 1920s. The scientists there were working on a teleportation device, but it turned out they unlocked the secret of time travel, who knew? They hadn't any idea how to send Regina back to her own time yet, so they stuck her with their hapless and shy assistant, Pierce. Pierce had been intrigued by the idea of being with one of those "modern girls", but Regina wasn't exactly what he had in mind, with her more-than-average outspokenness and seeming fearless.... Yet somehow he secretly wished that Regina's time would come sooner than later. Aside from the lack of modern technology and old-fashioned views, Regina herself thinks it's a pretty sweet deal. A house right by the beach, a new place to explore, and a cute guy who blushes when she so much as blushes when she sends so much as a smile or wink his way. She wonders how much he would blush if she gave him a kiss... Just a little one, hehe...

4. Willie's "Disastrous Life"

Jane Niland

Back to basics... Fitzwilliam (Or Willie for short) Is Niko's brother Icarus's son. Despite his father's romanticism, he insists on being the realist like his mother and claims he's the sanest one in the family. He's always been interested in logic and puzzles, although he channeled all that into a career as a diagnostician, rather than a detective. Some people in town had wondered where he came from, since although he looks like his father, he's not as weird as the rest of his family, and even his mother isn't THAT adamant about sanity, being a musician. Not many people know him too well, since he likes to be left alone and doesn't go around doing anything as insane as trusting people. Ironically, he seems close to his Uncle Vee and Aunt Seraphina, two of his weirdest relatives.

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