Reviewing 'The Sims 4' Expansion Packs
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Reviewing 'The Sims 4' Expansion Packs

Sul Sul!

Reviewing 'The Sims 4' Expansion Packs

I am an avid player of the Sims 4. With the recent announcement of the newest pack, Island Living, I thought it would be good to look back at the other six. To be clear this is only going to be the expansions packs, not the game or stuff packs.

Get to Work.

The first expansion pack of the Sims 4, was Get to Work. This pack let you join your sim at work with 3 careers; Doctor, Detective, and Scientist. It also added the new world Magnolia Promenade, that lets you open a store, and the alien world Sixam. I believe this is a fun pack to play if you want to join your sim to work, and the jobs are fun. I never go to Magnolia Promenade nor have I gone to Sixam. For the first pack to be released I think it was fun. Would I recommend this pack? Unless you want to utilize your careers, then I don't think you need to buy it.

Get Together.

Get Together let your sims start and join clubs as well as bringing the new world, Windenburg. I barely use the clubs but I love love love Windenburg! It's the biggest world in the Sima 4 to date, and I would say I use the build/buy and create-a-sim options on a regular basis. Would I recommend this pack? Yes. Despite the fact that I don't use the clubs, I think the rest of the pack is beautiful and worth it.

City Living.

City Living is exactly as it sounds. Your sim can live in the city, called San Myshuno. The world is really nice and introduced apartments to the sims as well as a few new careers, such as politician, critic, and social media. This pack also introduced festivals that are held in San Myshuno, such as the Spice, Romance, and Hijinks festivals, Geek con, and more. For a time, I only used to have my sims live in the apartments, and I wish you could build apartments in the other worlds too. I don't go to the festivals held in San Myshuno that often, but I do enjoy the rest of the pack. Would I recommend this pack? Yes.

Cats and Dogs.

Cats and Dogs let sims own pets, become vet's and open Veterinarian, and introduced the world of Brindleton Bay. The new world I think is beautiful and love interacting with cats and dogs. I wish I would be able to take control of them more, so I could see their needs rather than have to guess, but I guess that's closer to real life. I couldn't say if use the build/buy options, but I love the create-a-sim features. I built a cafe where cats could hang out, so my sims have something similar to a cat cafe. Would I recommend this pack? Yes


Season is fairly self-explanatory, it introduced seasons as well as holidays, and the new career, Botanist. I really like the build/buy and create-a-sim options, and while I think that having seasons is cool, I can't say I care for the holidays. Sure it's fun sometimes, but most of the time I skip them. Would I recommend this pack? No.

Get Famous.

Get Famous lets your sims be become celebrities and added the new world of Del Sol Valley. There is the new Actor career, which will let you go to work with your sims and help them book gigs. I don't know if you need the Get to Work pack in order to join your sim at work. This pack adds fame perks, such as helping you network and help with PR, as well as quirks like "refined pallet" which will make your sims more of a picky eater. Your sims can also gain a good reputation, where other sims are more likely to have a good impression of your sims. They can also get a bad reputation, where other sims will start off disliking your sims. There are many ways your sim can become famous, but if you aren't actively maintaining their fame, they can lose their status. You also have the option to have them "step out of the spotlight" where you sims will no longer be famous. I believe in the newest update, you can now "freeze spotlight" where you don't have to actively keep them in the spotlight, it'll freeze the stage they're currently at. Would I recommend this pack? Yes.

Some of my opinions may seem surprising, I know Seasons is a popular pack in the sims community. I suggest if you're really interested in a pack to thoroughly look into it before spending money on it.

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