11 Stages of Sims Addiction
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The 11 Stages of 'Sims' Addiction, GIFed

Or, why you shouldn't inquire about abandoned accounts.

The 11 Stages of 'Sims' Addiction, GIFed
The Sims Studio

Long story short, I remembered I had an old Origin account with the "Sims 3" on it, got a few more expansion packs and started playing non-stop. It's only been a few days, but I can definitely say I'm addicted, but it didn't all happen at once.

1. You get the game everyone's been raving about, but it takes SO LONG to load

2. There's so many possibilities... So you start with your Simsona

3. Your sim looks just like you, only more attractive. And OMG the outfit choices...

4. Now for personality and wishes... Either you go for your life's dream, or just something cool

5. Geez, these apartments/starter houses are tiny... Time to work your way up for a job

Or go to University if you have the Simoleons...

6. Hopefully you're able to learn enough of your skills to get promoted

7. It should get tedious after a while, but it's addicting... You explore some of the expansions

8. You get a little jealous of how awesome your Simsona has it.

During my first attempt, my Simsona had two different guys mooning over her... I don't even have one in real life!

9. You can't exactly explore everything with just one Sim, so you make another household

10. And you realize how hard it is playing with more than one, but you still can't stop...

11. How is it that the games with the simple concepts are so addicting?

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