A Simplistic Lifestyle: Meet The Newest Member Of The Detroit Tigers
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A Simplistic Lifestyle: Meet The Newest Member Of The Detroit Tigers

A Simplistic Lifestyle: Meet The Newest Member Of The Detroit Tigers

Daniel Norris pitches for the Detroit Tigers. But Daniel Norris is far from your typical starting pitcher in the majors.

Daniel Norris lives off $800 a month in the off-season.

In fact, Daniel Norris lives in a camper in the off-season. A major league pitcher with millions of dollars, living in a 1978 Volkswagen van. To anyone other than Daniel, this may seem like an absurd thing to do.

But Norris, 22, says that this way of life makes sense for him. Adventure is freedom to Daniel, and just he and his van he calls "Shaggy" is all he needs for happiness.

Norris grew up in a family that believed in simplicity. Their family loved the earth and believed in cherishing the outdoors. So during Norris' childhood, he was always involved in sports. Football, basketball, and baseball were activities he and his family loved to do.

But baseball he says, is the sport that most aligned with his personality. Particularly the pitching aspect of baseball. The mound, where he is alone, is the place where he is most comfortable.

Norris was so at ease on the mound that scouts started to come around and watch him pitch in high school. Before he knew it, Norris was drafted in the second round of the 2011 MLB Draft by the Toronto Blue Jays.

Not long after, Norris received his first paycheck—a whopping $2 million dollar paycheck.

But instead of buying out the mall, Norris decided to buy the 1978 Volkswagen van for $10,000. Ever since, each off-season he travels and lives in the van.

Many of his teammates give him funky looks when he shows up to spring training each year in the van, but Norris believes this is the best preparation to make him the best pitcher he can be.

That's exactly what he's become. Norris was the best pitching prospect for the Toronto Blue Jays starting in 2015. Previously, he pitched in the minor leagues and was stellar.

In 2014, Norris posted a 12-2 record and a 2.53 ERA in Triple-A. He was brought up late last year and pitched a couple of starts for the Blue Jays. Recently, he was traded to the Detroit Tigers in a deal that involved David Price.

In his first career start with the Tigers, he pitched 7 1/3 innings and struck out five batters, allowing just one run against the Baltimore Orioles. Norris looks to aid a frail Tigers pitching staff and provide youth as well, as he is only 22.

Norris' repertoire of pitches includes a mid-90s fastball, slider, a bottom-falling circle change-up, and a nasty 12-6 curve ball.

So Norris brings a different perspective to a Tigers pitching staff that no one has witnessed before.

He enjoys living poor and says that who is he to deserve this. What has he done to deserve an over-sized paycheck?

He looks at himself as just an average human being living a simplistic lifestyle.

Just him and his van.

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