Silica gel and its advantages as a desiccant
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Silica gel and its advantages as a desiccant

Silica gel and its advantages

Silica gel and its advantages as a desiccant

What is Silica gel

Silica gel is formed from silica, which is amorphous and can be synthesized into hard particles. Because of their microporous makeup with interlocking cavities, the gel has an extremely high surface area, making it a perfect high-capacity desiccant. Because its vapor pressure is lower than the surrounding air, water molecules easily attach to its surface. When equal pressure is established, absorption is no longer possible. Therefore, the higher the humidity in the air, the higher the water absorption. It is important to note that high humidity, especially above 50%, may damage the gel being transported or stored.

What is a desiccant dryer

Desiccant dryers are commonly used to dry air for various applications. This type of dryer removes water molecules from the surrounding air through a desiccant that can absorb water molecules. While there are manual desiccant dryers, many are regenerative. The dryer has two cylinders that are connected by a valve system and contain a desiccant material such as silicone. When the first desiccant cylinder is saturated, air can then enter the desiccant-filled cylinder.

Benefits of Silicone Desiccant Bags

  • Absorption is when one substance combines with another substance. These substances change when they interact. Adsorption is when one substance sticks to the surface of another substance, but they both remain the same. Every substance retains its original properties. Adsorption is what happens when a desiccant is used. Desiccants remove moisture and slow down processes that can damage food or create mold and odors on surfaces.
  • Moisture is the presence of water or other liquids in the air. Moisture floats as a gas until these liquids collect on the surface. On the surface, the moisture returns to a liquid state that can be absorbed by food, paper or other items. When this liquid builds up on the product, a chemical reaction occurs that damages the material. In order to maintain the quality of food, technology, paper products or other valuables, it is important to minimize the amount of moisture on the surface of these items.
  • Silica gel desiccant beads (SIO2) consist of one silicon atom linked to two oxygen atoms. This combination is found in small pieces of sand and large stones and is very effective at absorbing moisture. When these atoms are processed into silica gel desiccant beads, they contain millions of pores that can hold moisture. This adsorption process keeps the silica and moisture separate. The beads can hold up to 40% of their weight in moisture. Moisture fills pores and does not allow moisture to reach the surface of the product. Silicone drying beads are essential for maintaining the integrity of valuable products such as paper, food and leather.
  • Beads are available in large quantities or can be purchased as pre-made silicone desiccant bags. These bags allow for simple, clean and safe packaging. All products can benefit from adding data packages to your production system. Whether storing or transporting, silicone desiccant bags are an affordable and effective way to ensure a longer product life. The benefits of silicone desiccant bags go beyond protecting the product during shipping to the customer. Customers can continue to use the silica gel desiccant bags for their own use. Below are some examples of reused silicone desiccant bags.

At home:

  • Protect collectibles large and small, including ornaments, collectible coins and other valuables
  • Add to filing cabinet to keep files
  • Storage for hearing aids and other technical cases!
  • Set near windows to prevent condensation from warping the wood frame
  • Add to picture storage box to ensure color retention
  • Put on the bottom of wet boots and shoes
  • Add to laundry basket or put in locker for laundry

At work place:

  • Keep files and content in your desk drawer
  • in the trash can
  • in the tool drawer
  • In and near computer/tech storage areas

In fun and spare time:

  • Sewing basket keeps needles from rusting
  • Tackle Boxes and Tool Boxes
  • storage container with garden seeds
  • Boat, motorcycle, rear vehicle storage area
  • Silica gel desiccant bags need to be restored to continue effective adsorption. To reactivate the silicone, it needs to be heated. The heat causes the moisture to turn into a gas and move atoms into the atmosphere. Since the beads and liquid each retain their original chemical properties, the water leaves the pores when heated. Silicone bags are ready to be used again to help remove moisture and protect your product.

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