That Silent Cry For Help
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That Silent Cry For Help

Work together to make others better

That Silent Cry For Help

In college, we all have our own problems and our own situations that we have to deal with no matter the day. Yes, we have friends that we can vent to and family that we can vent to as well but there is nothing like someone who actually has your back.

Stress is serious and it can lead to depression. In college, nobody and I repeat NOBODY should be depressed. When you talk to your fellow peers instead of getting "the scoop" ask them how they feel.

Most of the time when we say we are "fine" we aren't always fine. When a person isn't genuinely happy it tends to show in their actions, their physical appearance, in the way they talk and the way they go about doing things. When they aren't happy it brings the whole mood down and I know you feel it.

If you feel the mood dying or changing address it. Your friend/peer is probably going through some things. You can't accept "fine" or "I'm okay" for an answer. As soon as you hear those verbal signs ACT on it!

Everybody can't feel great or good all the time but "fine" and "I'm okay" isn't acceptable all the time. You never know, take your friend to his/her favorite place, do something with them and maybe their problems will all come out. You may not be able to solve them all but at least you were there to listen.

Not only you were there to listen, you serve as a witness to their inner demons. Life is tough, let's all work together to make others better. When you help others, it helps you.

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