21 Signs You're A Girl Who's Actually One Of The Guys
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21 Signs You're A Girl Who's Actually One Of The Guys

Shopping? Count me out.

21 Signs You're A Girl Who's Actually One Of The Guys
Bri Prosser

Some girls just weren't meant to be girly girls. Sure, you can fake it when you need to, but most of the time you would rather just not.

1. You very rarely wear dresses.

If you do, it's because you don't want to deal with pants. You instantly regret it.

2. You probably don't sit "like a lady."

That's why I wear jeans. Then I don't have to worry about how I sit.

3. You hate shopping.

I hate shopping with a passion. Get in, get what you need, get out.

4. You're 100% honest.

Don't ask if you don't want to know. Cause I will tell you that your butt looks big in those jeans.

5. You'll pass on the froufrou drinks.

Give me an Angry Orchard or some whiskey. Thanks.

6. You may be the only girl in any given group.

You mean others don't lose their minds over a touchdown? Interesting.

7. Fall weekends are reserved for football.

Don't even try to schedule something with me on a Saturday, cause you can already count me out.

8. And dresses to a football game?

Have you lost your mind?

9. You're incredibly protected.

Oh, someone wants to date you? Well.

10. Because your guy friends are all like your older brothers.

Good luck getting through all twelve of them.

11. Your makeup skills may be lacking.

Contour? Is that some rapper's next set of shows?

12. You're fiercely competitive.

They won't let you win at anything, so you learn to go harder than any of them.

13. You don't like drama.

Wanna gossip about someone? You can tell me because I will just smile and nod like I'm listening.

14. You have no idea who the Kardashians are dating now.

Since when are Rob and whats-her-face not together anymore?

15. You are very tolerant.

You may hate watching NASCAR, but you've learned to tolerate it. Or use it as background noise for the perfect nap.

16. You've been called "unladylike" by your grandmother at least once per visit.

That's just how I am.

17. You are incredibly stubborn.

Ask one of your guy friends to open something and be at risk of being made fun of forever? No thanks.

18. You have thick skin.

You will get picked on, and you will have to get over it.

19. You probably carry air freshener around 24/7.

You know what this one is for.

20. You have your hair up or under a ball cap most of the time.

It's too much effort.

21. You wouldn't trade it for anything.

Having guy best friends is the best, hands down.

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