21 Signs You Live in Erie Pennsylvania

I am from Erie Pennsylvania and if there is one thing I have learned while being away from home, it's that Erie is a pretty special place. I have realized that there are a lot of things about Erie that you can't find anywhere else. And while we do like to make fun of ourselves, at the end of the day Erie is pretty great (and we know it).

1. You know who Oliver Hazard Perry is.

And you probably own something that says "Don't Give Up the Ship".

2. You have sat at the counter of the State Street Starbucks and people watched

Or in the park, or the mall, or the pier... basically you just really like observing other erieites.

3. Splash Lagoon is your worst nightmare

It's a germ infested tourist attraction. Waldameer all the way.

4. Speaking of tourists.. they're annoying.

But they bring in a lot of money so we put up with them.

5. You have probably been told that you're not a "true Pennsylvanian"

And honestly that's completely okay.

6. Wegmans is your life

And you will find literally ANY excuse to go.

7. You probably own a boat, or know someone with a boat

Basically it's not uncommon to have a boat.

8. You know what TREC is

And you probably went there for school trips every year.

9. The district lines still confuse you

Somehow you can drive through Erie, Millcreek, and Summit all on the same road?

10. You anxiously await the day that Sara's opens

so you can live in a 50's themed ice cream paradise.

11. You take Halloween very seriously

We don't live in Eerie for nothing!

12. You have a favorite greasy spoon diner

Panos, the Breakfast Place, Dominicks, Taki's, (the list is seemingly endless)

13. You also know your way around a chocolatier

And there is a never ending battle between Romolos, Stefanelli's, and Pulakos.

14. Winter

It's six months long.

15. You love to trash talk Erie but get offended whenever an outsider does

You have to earn it.

16. You have the best of both worlds: city and scenic

The perfect blend of urban and beacy

17. You love the arts

Theatres, festivals, galleries, music- Erie's littered with it.

18. You have a favorite local coffee shop

Brew Ha Ha or Brick House... a fight to the death

19. You don't mess around when it comes to brunch

And you know all the hotspots.

20. You get upset when Roar on the Shore forces you to change your entire schedule

And forget about going downtown. Just forget it.

21. You know Erie gets a bad rep, but you love it anyways.

Peach Street traffic and all.

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