How To Tell If You Have A Crush
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The 10 Ways To Tell If You Have A Crush On Someone That Rom Coms Always Leave Out

Never be ashamed of how much you love or how quickly you fall.


We all have had that one person that we've had a crush on for the longest time. You probably contemplated telling them about your real feelings or not. You probably wondered what they would say. What if they did like you, but not in that way? What if they stopped wanting to be friends with you because of the way you felt?

All of these "What ifs?" and different scenarios you have in your mind. Having a crush is an amazing feeling. It's a feeling that creates butterflies in your stomach. A feeling that makes your head rush. A feeling that may take time to go away.

Surprisingly, crushes are a healthy thing. When you listen to a song, you'll have someone to think about. A crush makes you look forward to seeing them, whether it's at school or a random hang out. Maybe you decide to dress up a little nicer because you're going to see them. Ultimately, they add excitement to your day when you're thinking about what could happen when you're with them.

Although, they can be irritating at times. One night you might go to bed feeling like you've been stabbed in the heart four times if they haven't responded to your message recently. Another day you may feel disappointed they haven't complimented your outfit, or maybe they haven't looked at the post that you posted just for them. It can be annoying when they don't see the signs that you're showing them. But the best thing you can do is wait and time will tell.

1. You come across a post about liking someone, and you have the intention of mentioning them, but you don't feel brave enough to mention them

Everyone every so often comes across a quote on Instagram and you read it and probably say to yourself, "Wow, the person who made this quote definitely knows what I'm going through." You probably save the post or share it with your friends, but you don't even attempt to share it with the person who the quote reminds you of. You get scared of mentioning them because you don't know how they will react. If you do have a crush on this person you'll probably head over to your finsta or Snapchat and repost the quote, hoping they'll get the message that it's for them.

2. You try to find comparisons between you two, making connections

What's your favorite color? What's your favorite movie? OMG, you like fried chicken, too? Drawing comparisons are always fun, but when you are constantly making them, it's because you want the person to realize how perfect you two are for each other. Drawing these comparisons is also a way of showing how comfortable you are around your crush to be able to say what's on your mind.

3. Your imagination goes wild and you can't stop thinking about the person

If you're crushing on someone, then they're kind of all that you can think about. If you're watching a romantic movie, you think about them. If you see a couple walking down the street, you think about them. The point is you see things that remind you of that person and your imagination goes wild from there. Scenarios are also a big thing that occurs when you're crushing on someone. Maybe you imagine you two actually working out and being an item. Whatever it is, one of your dreams would be for those imaginations to come true.

4. You make a lot of excuses to simply have a conversation with them

Have you ever asked someone a question you obviously know the answer to? If you have, you probably just wanted a conversation with them. When you have a crush on someone, you'll pretty much find ANY reason to talk to them, whether it's regarding the weather or the fact that you think this one thing is funny. Whatever it is, you engage in a conversation and pray they follow through and enjoy talking to you. You hope they like talking to you just as much as you do when you hear their voice.

5. You hear a love song and immediately think about them, relating the lyrics to your current situation

"Can't Help Falling In Love With You" starts playing and you immediately think about that person that has been on your mind. Similarly, you relate any love song you hear to your current situation. Maybe you look up the lyrics and break them down, or you just think about your situation actually working out for the better. It's actually kind of scary that a singer or rapper has been through the same thing you are going through.

6. You dream about them all of the time, both in scenarios and while you're sleeping

"In your dreams." This saying relates to the fact that people do dream about being with their crush, and about falling in love together and ultimately living happily ever after. When you dream about someone, it's because you were thinking about them the night before, or they have been on your mind lately — and that's okay. Dreaming about them, creating scenarios, and maybe even staying up all night are parts of having a crush.

7. You smile when you hear someone bring up their name

If you hear your crushes name you probably do a little smirk or smile immediately, and that's normal. The truth is, if you smile every time their name pops up on your phone, you're crushing on the person. Maybe you read their name in a book or hear their name in a movie and you immediately make the connection. The point is that hearing the name of your crush, or a story about them, makes a smile come to your face because sometimes it's nice thinking about what could be one day.

8. You add physical touch when you're talking to them

"It's all about body language." Usually, when people are more comfortable with a person, they'll add physical touch. If it's someone they are crushing on, they'll add both physical touches and make sure their body language is spot on. You often add a physical touch hoping they're left wanting more. If you find yourself tapping them or nudging them while you two are talking, then maybe it's because you truly are crushing on the person and want to see how they will react.

9. You try to insult them or tease them

"You know a person likes you when they're mean to you." While this isn't entirely true, teasing and small insults are sometimes a sign that you either have a crush on someone or they have a crush on you. If you find yourself doing this, maybe it's because you find it easier to be mean than to expose your true feelings for the person.

10. You're thinking about them reading this

You read the title and you thought of a person immediately. Or maybe it took some convincing and you're laughing right now, realizing you had one person on your mind this whole time. If you did, then you're crushing on someone. From here, you can either feed the crush and let it continue or tell the person how you truly feel and take it from there.

The truth is, don't be afraid of telling your crush your feelings. Tell them before it's too late. Tell them because you never know how they are going to feel. What if they do like you back in the same way? Take that chance and tell them.

Personally, a while ago I had a crush for a while. One I definitely didn't see coming, but when it came around I actually enjoyed it. While I would create scenarios and always wonder about the "what ifs," it was nice to smile and laugh when talking to them. It was nice to know that they knew I existed.

Ultimately, I ended up telling the person how I felt, and it wasn't the same exact way, but it's definitely better that I found out now than keeping my hopeless crush alive. I also realized that everything happens for a reason. I realized that there's truly a time for everything.

Most importantly, what you have to remember is to never be ashamed of how much you love or how quickly you fall. It's important to love fully and naturally and to never apologize for it because that's just how your feelings are. Don't ever be sorry for loving the way your heart knows. Don't ever be sorry for being too attached or clingy, just simply find the person that adores that about you. Find the person that will realize these signs, and most importantly likes you for who you are as a person.

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