21 Signs You’re Destined To Be A Cat Owner

21 Signs You’re Destined To Be A Cat Owner

You’re the purrrfect fit.

Vanessa Hinton

I love cats. Always have and I always will. My first cat came up to my house and never left. Bearing that in mind, you could call it my destiny to be a cat owner. Unfortunately, since I am not currently living at home I’ve been missing my feline friends something fierce as of late, and thus, I have created this ode to the cat owner and their purrrfect pets.

1. If you only have curtains

And if you don't then you probably like being woken up at all hours of the night because if you have blinds, your cat will jump on them and it will wake you up.

2. If you like to lift weights

Exercise is much more fun with cats.

3. If you like to eat watermelon

Cats in hats. And it’s not just cute because it rhymes.

4. If you don't like to clean

It’s destined because having a cat can make activities as mundane as cleaning an excitement. Plus, there's only room for one kind of litter at home.

5. You aren't personally attached to any of your glassware

If I’m being honest, my cat has knocked over one too many vasefuls of flowers. Cats can be a little mean sometimes.

6. If you like cute animals

Who wouldn’t?

7. If you’re intelligent

Only an idiot wouldn’t love cats. Look at that sweet face.

8. If you like having empty boxes lying around

Whenever we break out the box with the Christmas tree, my cat has a field day.

9. If you need help spending less money

This cat has your back.

10. If you like a little bit of chaos

Just to keep things interesting.

11. If you enjoy taking naps

This little one would love to keep you company.

12. If you need a research assistant

I’d hire this guy without pause.

13. If you love to dance, but need a dance partner

It takes two to tango.

14. If you like coffee

Cat cafes are a thing, especially if you live in LA, San Francisco, Seattle, or any major city really. Sometimes you can even do yoga with them too! Try going here, here or here for cats and coffee. Thank me later.

15. If you want someone to spoil

Look no further than this fancy feline.

16. If you like being welcomed when you walk through the door

My cat is always either waiting by the window or running around the corner to say hello when I get home.

17. If you want to give someone all your unconditional love and affection

A cat will do the trick. Or they'll do nothing while you give them a lavish lifestyle.

18. If you like formal attire

You could coordinate with your cat!

19. If you think you’re cool

This cat is pretty cool too. You could bond over it.

20. If you need a good listener

This cat will lend you an ear.

21. If you are ready for your pet to be one of your best friends

Then it’s destiny for sure!

So basically if you identify with any of these above criteria, you're destined to have a cat as a FURRever friend! Do with this information what you will.

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