Being 25 and living with your parents can feel weird at times.

You're a full-on adult but you're still living in their house under their rules.

It's nice to be with family but at the same time, you want your freedom and privacy without someone hounding you with questions. I hate coming home late because I feel like I'm keeping my parents up and worrying them.

Eventually, I'm going to move out and miss this, of course. At this point, I'll be an official adult, out in the world, doing adult things just like the cast of the MCU. Although, up until recently, Thor and Loki lived with their dad, so.

1. The "Where are you going?" question is asked numerous times.

2. You and your parents start matching by accident

3. Your parents are confused at the new friends you brought over

4. Your parents forget the names of said new friends

5. You try to make dinner for once and you look at your family for approval

6. The "when are you going to get a job?" question gets asked for the 100th time, (That's if you're unemployed) probably because you're in your room watching Netflix for hours on end.

7. When your parents are asking you a million questions for help on something and you're just like:

8. That look you give your parents after finally coming out of the cave a.k.a your bedroom

9. Coming home from an interview and your parents are waiting to see how you did

10. You have laundry piling up that you finally bring to your mom to do since she offered

11. You eat like a king/queen