August is National Wellness Month and I'm determined to honor that. Who's with me?

I promise I won't tell you to just calm down. Maybe I'll say try to meditate, but you do you! Take deep breaths, close your eyes and put on a facemask, workout, take a bath, watch a movie, take a walk, call a friend, just do you.

We all need a day to just let go. Don't cheat yourself of that.

There are some days when everything goes wrong. You wake up late, you stub your toe on the door, your boss yells at you, you missed a homework assignment, you failed your test. Let me tell you from experience, shit happens.

Don't let all the negativity boil up in your system until you blow over. There are ways to turn off the stove and chill out.

Here are some signs to keep an eye for when you need a day to yourself, pronto.

1. You're ready to pass out at all times during the day

I get it, sometimes you're just exhausted and want a nap, but if day, in day out all you want to do is sleep, your body is trying to tell you something.

2. Your stomach hurts

When little kids complain that they won't want to go to school because their tummies hurt, it's usually due to anxiety. Give yourself the same day off you would give them.

3. You're irritated, aggravated, and hangry

Someone says, "Hey, how are you?" and you're ready to go off on them.

4. You feel like you want to run away

You just want to drop everything and run away. You know what I have to say about that? Just do it. Don't waste your life stressing about stuff that, at the end of the day, doesn't matter. Walk away and find something that you enjoy.

5. Your skin is freaking out

Your body knows what it's doing and it is always trying to reach out to you. When you wake up with a new little (or big) friend, recognize that you need to get some gunk out of your system.

6. You want to punch a wall and scream

Again, just do it! But, don't hurt anyone.

7. You have headaches one after another

You stress and cause a headache and then stress out even more because of the headache which, in turn, just makes everything a billion times worse.

8. You have been sick all month

Why the fuck are you walking around sneezing everywhere when you can just be in bed eating soup and watching "Stranger Things?" Call in sick! Say that you're dying or are that you're so contagious that you need to be put in a hospital's isolation room. I don't care, be dramatic and don't go to work.

9. You're not in the mood to "do it"

I know, there are some long days where you just roll your eyes and turn around when your partner squirms closer to you in bed. But, if you're inching farther away every night, there is either something wrong with your relationship or you need some rest to recuperate and get some.

10.  You zone out more often than not

You can no longer focus at work or even follow along with your best friend's story.